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SAP CodeJam

SAP CodeJam attendees and instructors can tune into this community group to exchange ideas about Cod...

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SAP TechEd

Join the SAP TechEd group to start conversations and interact with fellow community members, share e...

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Host from your own company?

Hi!Before the covid period, in 2020, we had the chance to invite you to our company for hosting a code jam.I send recently an email and understood that at the moment that's not the case any more. And it's only organized via the sap-advocates? Do you ...

SAP CodeJam Dortmund

 Hello Dear CodeJam Team,we, as an SAP partner, would like to host a CodeJam at our location in 44269 Dortmund, Germany.As a language we prefer English or German.Topics we would like to discuss: Service integration with SAP Cloud Application Programm...

Igorios by Galactic 1
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SAP CodeJam on the btp CLI and APIs in Heilbronn

The Developer Advocates are ramping up CodeJams this year. Following on from my visit to Utrecht to deliver a CodeJam on service integration with CAP, I was in Heilbronn last week to deliver another CodeJam, this time on the topic of the btp CLI and ...

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qmacro by Employee
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Codejam Session Wrocław/Poland

Hi Community,we would like to host a CodeJam session in Wroclaw Poland (Capgemini Office) in first half of 2023.We are very interested in the topic: ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model.Best regards, Radek.

SAP CodeJam Topics

This is the current list and description of all available CodeJam topics as of February 2023. Hands-on with the btp CLI and APIsDuring this CodeJam, you'll learn how to harness the power of the btp CLI, as well as the core services APIs, to report on...

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Community Events and Time Zones

This is just a friendly reminder that the SAP Community Events functionality lists times according to your Community Profile Time Zone settings. Not your browser or OS settings. Your default value in your profile is likely not your correct time zone....

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Codejam Session Weinheim/Germany

Hello Dear CodeJam Team,we, as an SAP partner, would like to host a CodeJam at our location in 69469 Weinheim Germany.As language, we would prefer German, but English would also be possible.Topics we would like to discuss: SAP Business Technology Pla...

Codejam Session Herne/Germany

Hi Community,We would like to host a CodeJam session in Herne Germany .Topics we would like to discuss: SAP Business Technology Platform, ABAP Environment & ABAP RESTful Application Programming ModelWe are looking to explore possibilities to develop ...