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SAP Developer News, October 12, 2023


SAP Integration Suite – Business Accelerator Hub, AEM, and openSAP Course

SAP TechEd Data and Analytics

SAP CAP September 2023 Release & SAPUI5 Roadmap Explorer

BW MOVE – Explore Your Modernization Options



0:00 Intro

0:10 SAP Integration Suite – Business Accelerator Hub, AEM, and openSAP Course

1:19 SAP TechEd Data and Analytics

2:16 SAP CAP September 2023 Release & SAPUI5 Roadmap Explorer

3:08 BW MOVE – Explore Your Modernization Options


Hola, SAP developers. Given the variety of content that you can now find with the SAP Business Accelerator Hub, there is a need to have a special section in the website where you can focus on other content relevant to a specific persona. Recently, the concept of domains was introduced in the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. Each domain represents a distinct area of focus. At the moment there are two sections, Integration and SAP Build. Make sure to check them out. New regions are available where you can deploy your Advanced Event Mesh brokers. Availability differs depending on the infrastructure service provider where you want to deploy it. Have a look on the website on all the videos available. Last but certainly not least, the openSAP course Modernized Integration with SAP Integration Suite is on its third week. The content is great and if you check out the download section for each week, you can find some additional exercises which will grant you access to test systems and will guide you while you get familiar with the tools and get some hands-on lectures. I'm including the links to all the content in the description below. Are you looking to gain seamless access to your mission critical business data, no matter where it resides? Join us this fall at SAP TechEd in the Data and Analytics track, which is dedicated to helping you build solutions that give purpose to your data and help simplify your data landscape. Our track touches three important areas strategic decision making through planning and analytics highlighting SAP Analytics Cloud. Secondly, simplifying the data landscape with the business data fabric. Here the big stars are SAP Datasphere and SAP's new open data ecosystem as well as SAP Master Data Governance. And last but not least building innovative business applications with database services with the focus on SAP HANA Cloud. Ready to take your business data to the next level? Join me and my team at SAP TechEd and visit us in the Data and Analytics track. See you in November. Hi everyone, and welcome to the SAP Developer News. I have a couple of quick news items for you today. First, the September release of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is out now. There are a couple of very interesting updates regarding PostgreSQL, the CDS language and the CDS compiler as well as for the specific implementations of Java and Node.js. Also, there is a continuous influence session currently running, so you can propose new requests for features in CAP and shape the future of the programming model. That's pretty cool. The second news item I have for you today is the new addition of the SAPUI5 Roadmap Explorer. So definitely check it out if you're interested in UI5. You can check the current status, for example, of the modular bootstrap and everything else the team is currently working on. See you, bye! SAP Datasphere is our strategic target solution for all data warehouse and data management use cases in the public cloud. If you are considering what your path from the classic on-prem SAP BW to SAP Datasphere should look like, then the many codes published on the blog post. BWMove explores your modernization options. To help you, Dominic presents different paths you may take to transition your data warehouses from the on-prem to the cloud, five options to consider and their prerequisites, a comparison of the Big Bang approach to the gradual transition, and 12 complexity drivers you should take into consideration. If you prefer listening to reading, then please check recordings of two Devtoberfest presentations, PWMove Explore your modernization options with Dominic, and Conversion Deep Dive to SAP Datasphere with Denis Osset. And by the way, should you attend SAP TechEd in Bangalore next month, then do not miss a dedicated session on this topic. And don't forget to stop by the Developer Garage to discuss how to gain experience with SAP Datasphere if the product is new for you.