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ChatGPT and AI chatbots


Hi everyone, 

As a moderator in the SAP Community I am seeing an increased interest for ChatGPT from many community members, and how this tool could be used in our daily work in the future. 

I am hoping we can get a lively discussion going here 🙂 
Please feel free to share your take on ChatGPT, possible specific SAP-related use cases, non-SAP use cases, ChatGPT capabilities, or any other ChatGPT/AI chatbots related information that you would like to discuss with peers in the Community. 


Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Yesterday I was searching for a particular out of the box SAP Fiori app.  I couldn't locate it in the SAP Fiori library.  But ChatGPT tells me it exists.   I'm going to check that it really exists.

So perhaps a first use case is for the SAP Community user to ask their question, ChatGPT to provide an answer and ask the community member "does this solve your problem" and if not, go ahead and have the community user post their question.

Please let us know if you find the Fiori app. Now I am very curious 😅 Did you do a normal search in the Fiori App Library and got no results?

I did find the Fiori app with ChatGPT help today.  I was searching on different terms. I gave up yesterday using the Fiori apps library.  But then ChatGPT said the app was there, and then I was able to search for that specific app.

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Hello everyone,

Since Dec 2022 when ChatGPT was released for public to tryout, global tech industry is going gaga. Many have come up with apps, supposed built on top of the engine's API.

I have been exploring to see its capability to understand complex queries and offer solution and am simply amazed. I am sharing a few results, specifically related to SAP PO and CPI.

1) XSLT mapping – to remove namespace prefix in SAP PI



2) HMAC (SHA-256) authentication from SAP PI – using UDF





3) Call bash program to do base64 encoding from SFTP adapter OS command option


4) Groovy script for xml validation against the schema




5) Guidance on high-level design for complex requirement



The first impression for most of us might be scary to think whether machines are going to take away human jobs. It took a while for me to comprehend & reflect on the implications of a tool like think.

However, in my opinion, with the aid of AI tools like ChatGPT, we will all become more productive. The way of work itself will be transformed in a way that we can focus on more innovative, frontier expanding stuff, than on mundane activities.