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SAP Community Log-in Update
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SAP Developer News April 29th, 2022


Node.js 18
- Node.js 18 is now available! (News Post):
- Node.js Release overview:

Data and Analytics News
- Sneak Peek into SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q2 2022 (Blog Post):
- Something completely different in SAC (Blog Post):
- Gamification with SAP Analytic Application/ Analytics Designer (Blog Post):
- SAC Analytic Application – Scripting for Beginners: Part 4 – How-to use results from charts (Blog Post):
- Running hdbcli on an Apple M1 Chip (Blog Post):

UI5 Old Versions Removed from CDN
- SAPUI5: Continued Removal of Outdated Versions and Patches [Announcement]:
- SAPUI5: Patch-Level Independent Bootstrap (Blog Post):
- It's getting really serious now: - As of mid-May,
#UI5 versions that have reached their end of cloud provisioning will be gradually removed from CDN! [Tweet]:


0:00 Intro
0:08 Node.js 18
1:24 Data & Analytics News
3:13 UI5 Old Versions Removal