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SAP Community Log-in Update
In a few months, SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Don’t wait, create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, use the Consolidation Tool to merge your content. Get started with SAP Universal ID now!

SAP Developer News June 17th, 2022


UI SAP CodeJam UI5 Walldorf July 1st
- SAP CodeJam UI5 Walldorf Germany (community event):
- SAP CodeJam UI5 Exercises: SAP-samples/ui5-exercises-codejam: Material for SAP CodeJam events on UI5. Step-by-step guide explaining how build a frontend web application using UI5. (
- SAP CodeJam UI5 Technical Prerequisites: ui5-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/ui5-exercises-codejam (

SAP Mobile Start June 2022 Updates
- June 2022: SAP Mobile Start brings Android version and much more (blog post):

SAP Community Events
- SAP Community Events Calendar:
- SAP Community Events - General Category:
- SAP Community Events – SAP Code Jams:
- SAP Community Events – Community Calls:

SAP Conversational AI June Updates
- SAP Conversational AI June 2022 Release Highlights: Fetch FAQ Documents Using API & More (blog post):


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0:09 SAP CodeJam UI5
0:50 SAP Mobile Start
1:58 SAP Community Events
2:57 SAP CAI June Updates


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