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SAP Community Log-in Update
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SAP Developer News September 8th, 2022


SAP Community Code Challenge – Dive Into The Basics of ABAP!
- SAP Community Code Challenge Blog Post:
- ABAP Dive into the Basics Thread:

SAP Builder’s Challenge (North America)
- SAP AppGyver Blogs:

ABAP History to Future
- Evolution of ABAP (Blog Post):
- Embedded Steampunk – Some more details for ABAP developers (Blog Post):

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model news
- Import OpenAPI-documented APIs remotely with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (Blog Post):
- Back to basics: OData - the Open Data Protocol - Part 5 - Actions & functions (Hands-on SAP Dev episode recording):
- SAP Cloud Application Programming Model | Third Customer Roundtable (Blog Post):


0:00 Intro
0:08 September Code Challenge ABAP
0:50 SAP Builder’s Challenge (North America)
2:27 ABAP History to Future
4:31 SAP Cloud Application Programming Model news