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Have you seen the ChatGPT vision feature?


There's one tweet about that feature that spins in my head since I've seen it - "Dashboard screenshot to code"

I wonder what that means for building business software. I can use prompts to create designs, I can use this design to then create code. Of course the data binding all that stuff is actually missing, but how will these capabilities play out in the business world? I'm sure they will, but there are so many angles to it...

Any thoughts?

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Hi @sjochen,

Thanks for sharing this feature, really impressive. It's just the start of the revolution of the business software development.

Have you also seen what SAP is working on with generative AI + ABAP?
More to come at SAP TechEd in November... 🙂

@Paul_P ABAP will be a very interesting field for generative AI. I will join SAP TechEd in Bangalore and already looking forward to a lot of interesting discussions 🙂


Wow... thx for sharing @sjochen  ... ! That's really impressive. As a ex developer, I would have loved to get this kind of tools at my time..

Now, I'm wondering if a developer would take more time correcting/adapting the code and binding it to true data (as you said) VS building it from scratch. But that's anyway a gain of time, and I can't wait to see how more precise and efficient if will get in the next months and years!

well @sebastienb valid point, data binding needs to happen along with the application logic, maybe in future more automated 🙂
I'm wondering what that means for UI developments. If there's a design system in place, we basically have everything described to come up with an aligned and beautiful design. Now the interesting question I stumble with is how much is needed in addition to refactor existing UIs and how theming will be done in future 🙂 This has an affect on how future User Experience Designers and UI developers will work.