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Galactic 4

SUGEN ~ SIG Leads Event 2023

Last March 21-22, a joint meeting of Special Interest Groups Leaders from eight countries was held at the SAP offices in St. Rot, Germany.
The purpose of the meeting was to hear from SAP about the latest developments in each of the areas, as well as to improve coordination and collaboration with SAP and between the different SIGs.


BTP Group

The BTP session was led by Arne Speck (Product Manager for SAP Business Technology Platform), who conducted the first part of the session.
In the first part of the session latest updates regarding the different components of SAP BTP stack were presented. The area that took the most time for explanation and comments was the integration component, given the importance of this topic within the Groups.

Afterwards, emphasis was placed on the message about the SAP BTP Unified Runtime strategy, a strategy to streamline the experience how to develop, build, deploy and operate applications across all multi-cloud environments. First message was that SAP BTP Neo is no longer a strategic stack for SAP, while Cloud Foundry is and will be. With this, the main message emphasized that SAP's strategy is that BTP services will be multicloud and can be consumed from any of the strategic runtimes (which are: Kyma based on Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and ABAP Runtimes) and on top of any Cloud infrastructure services operator (hyperscalers).

The second part of the session was led by Manuel Namyslo (Solution Manager for SAP Build Process Automation). He conducted an interesting practical session on the three pillars of the services offered by SAP Build in BTP, which are SAP Build Apps (no-code solutions), SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Workzone.

In summary, there were 2 intensive days where networking with colleagues from other User Groups and SAP was the most interesting part.