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Logistical Challenges:

Coordinating an event is no easy task, especially as David found out when the idea to promote such events emerged in 2016, with the first one taking place in 2017.
It’s needed to make updates to the SAP wiki, the former SCN, new SAP groups, adjustments on Discord, web changes, and more, every detail counted. A funny anecdote occurred when organizing a SAPStammtischBCN event; due to the time difference, they tried coordinating with SAP colleagues in Japan and ended up scheduling a meeting at 5 in the morning! Undoubtedly, several cups of coffee (or more) came to the rescue, Shiro from SAP Japan was the hero of the night. Fortunately, this challenge doesn't arise when coordinating the SITBCN agenda.

Differentiating Details:

Beyond the spotlight, it's the meticulous attention to detail that sets extraordinary events apart. As we peer into the inner workings of event preparation, the focus shifts to those subtle yet impactful touches that transform an ordinary gathering into an unforgettable occasion.

  • Agenda:
    Imagine a puzzle. Each piece is a topic, a speaker, a sponsor, a last-minute change. The agenda is that completed puzzle, assembled piece by piece by a group of volunteers.
  • Registration Process:
    Behind that simple form, hours of debate about which platform to use, security controls, privacy, confidentiality, error control, and attendee verification took place. What might seem as simple as a form turns into a comprehensive Cloud project.
  • Multimedia Material:
    Every image, video, or audio was carefully chosen, ensuring appropriate usage rights and alignment with the theme.
  • Badges and Credentials:
    Designing those small badges took more time than you might imagine, all to make you feel part of the event. Hours of cutting and preparation were invested to have everything ready for the event day.
  • Catering:
    Selecting a provider wasn't easy. Every detail was considered to ensure everyone enjoyed a delicious meal, sizing it to suffice for all attendees without leaving anyone hungry. Interestingly, there's usually leftover food every year, which is distributed to those who need it or donated to charitable organizations to avoid waste.
  • Presentations:
    Each slide and word spoken by speakers represents hours of the presenter's work, highlighting that this is an event by industry experts for experts.
  • Video Recordings:
    The decision to live-stream the event online was made for those unable to attend in real-time, allowing them to watch at their convenience afterward, Luckly we have the expert help from Enric Castella to make this possible.
  • Invoicing Management:
    One of the most complex processes involves managing necessary resources, top-notch providers, and coordinating with event sponsors to ensure financial alignment throughout the organization.
  • Multimedia Sources:
    Everything originated from a meticulously organized database within a hight technology storage system with SharePoint folder, nested within folders within folders 😊.
  • Communication Plan:
    Every tweet, post, and email were part of a carefully planned digital marketing strategy. Imma’s arrival to the team elevated communication to a more professional and effective level.
  • Raffles:
    Deciding on prizes and how to draw winners was as exciting for the team as we hope it was for you. We're fortunate to offer gifts and ensure the agenda remains engaging.
  • Pre-Event Gathering:
    Before the big day, there's a special meetup for speakers and sponsors - a dinner, casual get-together on a Barcelona terrace, a few drinks, or an after-hours pub visit to get to know the speakers who arrive a day earlier to be punctual on the anticipated day.
  • Financial Management:
    Every detail, from coffee to advertising, comes with a cost; it’s important to manage it correctly to coordinate all the sponsors with the different services providers that it’s needed to hire for the event.

Beyond Business:

Amidst the whirlwind of planning, there are moments reminding the team that there's more than just collaboration. Event planning becomes part of our daily lives, affecting both personal and professional agendas. Thanks to everyone's participation, we manage these challenges through mutual support and cooperation.

Event Day:

As the date approaches, anticipation builds. However, like any major event, unexpected glitches arise. Moments before starting, minor technical glitches threaten to delay the kickoff, the food supplier delivers the wrong order, minor Wi-Fi connection issues, improvising alternative fridges with water buckets, and more. Yet, with an agile team, creativity, and assistance from the global SAP community (plus some crossed fingers), everything is resolved.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Throughout the organization, challenges surface. From coordinating speaker schedules to overcoming unexpected technical problems. But every obstacle became an opportunity to learn and grow. Yes, there were tense moments, but also laughter and celebrations.

In conclusion, looking back, it's evident that SAP Inside Track BCN is more than an event; it's a collective experience woven with passion, effort, and dedication. Every detail, every conquered challenge, and every shared smile reflects the commitment of an unwavering team and a community eager to learn and connect.
As we prepare for future encounters, we carry with us the memories and lessons of this event, always remembering that behind each success are unforgettable stories, people, and moments.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next SITBCN 2023 😉
#SIT #sapinsidetrack 

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Galactic 1

I hope to attend physically next SITBCN 2023, my friend!!!!

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Lluis, let us know how we can collaborate. We are all looking forward!


Unfortunately, I will miss this year's SIT as I will be attending another event hehe. Have fun!