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Ask us: Instructor for SAP Learning (16 Jan ‘23 – 20 Jan ‘23)

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Welcome to “Ask Us”, an opportunity to submit questions to an expert or leader in SAP over the course of a few days to better understand what they do, how they work and what development path they followed.


Between 16 January 2023 – 20 January 2023Lydie Castellon, an SAP instructor with a wide range of expertise in:

  • SAP HANA (Modeling and Development)
  • SAP BW, BW/4HANA (Modeling)
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Data Intelligence Cloud
  • SAP PowerDesigner
  • Fundamentals of Data Science (CRISP-DM and SAP Analytics Cloud)
  • SAP S/4HANA Analytics
  • SAP Fiori Development

will be here to answer your questions about being an instructor at SAP, her career background, the topics she is an expert in and best practices on how to learn the material and anything else you can think of!

Post your questions now or during the active period to get a response from Lydie. Have fun!




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Hi! (AoA). Hopefully, this message finds you well.

I'm Hamdan Zaheer Chartered Accountant Trainee Student in Pakistan. work as a Trainee in a local ERP firm, which course I should preferably join to grow my professional skills and have a certificate globally recognized according to my career path of CA.

Hi ,

Accounting is not my specialty, but we do have a lot of trainings on that subject. 

Right now, S/4HANA being our latest solution, you might want to investigate this accounting learning journey But again I'm not a specialist in this area... 🙂


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how to join ? 

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Hi melroy, 

What do you want to join exactly ? 

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@melroy - This is it! This is the place to ask questions. It's not a live session with a specific time to join.

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@Lydie - How long did it take for you to get enabled and qualified to instruct each of these topics? How much time do you need to keep up to speed with all of them?

Hi David, 

Well, that's a tricky question. Let's see if I can remember 😉 

I had been a Consultant in Database Development and Administration for approximately 12 years when I started with SAP.  But I started giving trainings on those topics after just one or two years of experience. Same for BW then when I joined SAP and same for a lot of the products. Sometimes even after less than a year studying it. 

I guess it's not a matter of how long it takes but of how your mind is working 😉

If you are a trainer at heart, you can train on anything. Because a trainer is first a learner. So if you like to learn things then you will learn quickly and if you like to train you will instinctively know how to best transfer your knowledge.  And if you learn often, it's like sport for your brain, you will have a better memory and manage to remember a lot of things...:-)

I'm constantly learning. Even sometimes during actual training sessions because someone asks me a question I didn't think of before, so I look it up and remember it for next sessions.  

So I guess my answer to your questions would be : Teaching ability I'm born with, Products knowledge I can get by studying it actively during some weeks and keep learning all the time...

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happy to see someone with PowerDesigner expertise. I am looking for some answers, but I am not finding them. Perhaps you can help.

  • Is there any newer certification for PD available? I achieved PD Data Modeling Professional Certification in 2011 and SAP Certified Technology Associate for PD 16.5 in 2014. But I haven`t found any more recent certification since then. Is there any (already available or planned)?
  • PD Roadmaps. Newest roadmap I were able to find contains news for Q2 2020 which is quite disappointing. Is there any newer information? Am I searching it wrong?
  • Where do you get new information about PowerDesigner (Besides official documentation bundled with PD software)

Thanks in advance for your answers,


Hi Ondrej, 

There are no new courses, nor new certifications on SAP PowerDesigner. 

 I guess the product is mature enough now and so won't change before a long time. I've asked my colleagues for any news and will come back to you when I have an answer from them.

As for documentation, you'll find the product page here : And in of course:

Thank you for asking,


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Hi Lydie,

I appreciate your quick answer. However I slightly disagree with the maturity statement. As much as I think PowerDesigner is a mature product (and IMHO best CASE tool on the market), there is still a lot of room for improvement:

  • still no support for multicore CPUs (it is year 2023)
  • last time I saw PD (not the latest 16.7 SP07 version) on 4K display, it wasn`t very pleasant experience
  • no object-level locking (repository allows only whole model or whole package locking), we had to develop our own object-level locking extension and it can be used only in scenarios without repository
  • earlier suppport of recent DB versions
  • better BigData DBs support
  • at least some roadmap (lean roadmap is still better than no roadmap)
  • and so on...

Looking forward to your (or your colleagues`) answers,