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Digital Skills Initiative

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hello SAP Team,


I am Patrick, and this post is to express my interest to be part of this opportunity.

I am one of the "minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location" specifically the Philippines, where there is a huge gap in technology and opportunity. 

With this awesome initiative, it will be a solid bridge to connect that gap! It is a blessing for me to find this post at a social media platform and thankful to SAP share this to countless of people and to others who already landed their careers with this.

If I will be given this chance, it will not be a big help for me but also to the countless of people behind me that I currently support.


Thank you very much,



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Hi @PatrickBryan ,

Thanks for checking in! What part of the Philippines are you writing from? What industry do you have background in (if any) ?



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Hello @David_Chaviano ,

Appreciate you replying to this post swiftly!

I am writing from the province of Bulacan, Philippines.

Honestly speaking, I am already a SAP FIORI support on my previous projects but has no formal trainings/certification and from where I am right now, learnings are only based on incoming tickets which are super random and minimal.

With this formal certification, I will be able to put a light on the dark areas of my FIORI knowledge and will give a huge confidence, and will surely put me on places where I have an edge, since I am currently on bench.

Thanks and Regards,




Invite sent!

Thanks for sharing more background. Best of luck in your journey!

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Hello @David_Chaviano ,

I am pleased to let you know that I have now completed my learning journey in Developing SAPUI5 Applications.