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Hello everyone!

Stellar 2
Stellar 2

My name is Louie Hooper and I am in the Metro Atlanta area. I'm currently a metrology technician for a calibration company and I specialize in electrical test equipment. I love my job but it is taking a toll on my body as an older person. I'm really interested in learning from SAP and would like some direction on what to learn. There's a lot of manufacturing facilities in my area so I was thinking about learning something related to this industry. Any input would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @louiehooper and welcome aboard!

I've sent you an invite to our digital skills initiative for an opportunity to certify for free!

This is a great intro to on what SAP does from a high level.

Here is the free stuff we have on manufacturing.

It's all pretty heavy. If you want to commit to investing this much time into studying one of these tracks, please be sure that your local job market is running these solutions first!

Best of luck!