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Photo on your CV - yes/no?


How exciting that we have our Career Corner in SAP Community dedicated to exchange on topics around career development and to receive advice from experts! 

I wanted to throw out a question to you that I coincidentally just lately had a discussion about:
A friend of mine who is about to apply for a new job asked me for my opinion on whether he should include a photo on his CV or not. He doesn't have a current, professional application photo and would need to go to a photographer first. 

What's your opinion - I am curious what you think:
1.) Do you think it is necessary to include an application photo on a CV?
2.) If yes - does it have to be taken by a professional photographer? 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Being visually inclined, my preference is on including an application photo on a CV even if it's not required. I'm however not sure if the photo has to come from a professional photographer. It's more important that the photo is a fit with one's personality and not a "make-belief" or too "staged" image. So, if there's somebody among family or friends who knows how to take "people images", that should do just nicely.

Just my 2 cents.



Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I wonder if this differs from country to country.  Living in the US, I have never seen a photo on a resume or CV.  I think if I saw it, I might think it's presumptuous!  Maybe that's me. 

Yes, it might well differ from country to country! In Germany it was customary - if not even requested - to include a photo with the CV. This has changed over the years where now some companies even accept anonymous applications to forestall discriminations and (instant) elimination due to false assumptions based on name or look.


Great question! I wanted to highlight that in some countries you might not want to include a photo on your resume/cv because it might be eliminated right away. What the heck???? Really?? Why?
Because in some countries (including the UK and US) very strict anti-discrimination recruitment laws exist. Employers do not want to be accused of choosing employees based on their appearance, unless of course, the job requires a certain look (think of a casting agent). So employers often stay away from resumes that have photos. If an employer needs a photo, they will make it clear on the application. For all other countries, it's really up to you. In some countries it is expected. Check on-line for more details - there a lots of sites with advice around this interesting topic.

Now, I'm off for my photo shoot for my resume picture.  Doh! I'm in the UK (plus, I already work for a great company!)


Coming from the US, 20 some years ago the first time I saw a resume in Germany I was shocked at first because of the photos, date of birth and so many other personal pieces of information that were included. Was quite the culture shock for me.

Now I guess I've accepted it as normal here and it's become a 50/50 chance with resumes from other countries, one from the US had similar information and image added so was again a culture shock.