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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!


My Journey on SAP Community

Hello All,Have written a SAP Blog on "My Journey on SAP Community". Link is placed below. give reaction and feedback on it if any.

SAP community memories

This year, SAP is celebrating 20 years of the web-based SAP Community platform. Happy anniversary! I thought I'd contribute to these celebrations with some memories of my own.Recently my good old friend Craig Cmehil posted a discussion over on the SA...

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qmacro by Employee
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Happy Fasnacht Day 2023!

Is great to start the day with a special treat! I want to share something about the culture where I was raised. Will you have a Fasnacht today???Fastnacht Day 2023 is Tuesday, February 21st. This food holiday is also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras,...

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The old ABAP and Other SAP Memes Facebook Groups

You can see it here. looks the admins have given up and gone home, as it's a pestilent pit of spam. But sometimes we can have a bit of fun.Consider this one:Chris Solomon  made it into a proper meme...

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matt by Galactic 3
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Trip to USA east coast

HiCurrently planning with my family, our summer holidays (July) to USA east coast (first time there).Mainly, we would like to visit NY, Philadelphia, Niagara and Chicago.I would like to request you any suggestion to visit there, what we could not mis...

What's your hobby? What's your passion?

Hello everyone,Here's the definition for "Hobby" from Miriam-Webster's site:Small Old World FalconWhat a person does outside of his routine, especially for relaxation.In this post I would like to focus on the second definition When the kids were youn...

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SAP Consultant Data

Hello Everyone, Is there any data source or site where we can find SAP Consultant Data like 1. How many SAP Consultants representing each country 2. In each country what are the number of Consultant representing various SAP module etc. 3. Any other d...

What is your favorite dish or snack?

Hello Everyone,Today I would like to raise for discussion and sharing one of my most favorite topics: Cooking! (food:)). Since I was 5-6 years old I started cooking. I was amazed by the ability to make the treats and the food I liked the most, on my ...

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