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Forum Posts

New Year 2022... What do you hope to do?

I hope to win 2 million dollars.  OK 1 Million would be good.  You know since I don't even play the lotto.  Hmmmm... Really though -I hope to make some time to fly down to Florida and spend some time with my Niece and Sister.  I miss them all the tim...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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What is your Favorite Holiday Movie?

I know some will say Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, or maybe you're like my brother and love Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation...but for me it is... DRUMROLLWhite Christmas with Bing Crosby.  The singing, the dancing, the outfits, Rosemary Clooney. ...

cannot find my published post under coffee corner

HiI already have one published post date April 11, 2021 at SAP Community / coffee corner My ABAP Code - Thinking Aloud Project by DJ Adams (qmacro)When i click the URL am getting redirected to the coffee corner main page, cannot find my post anymore ...

Yasin by Galactic 2
  • 4 replies
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New Learner in SAP ABAP

Trying to develop something in sap. I am having a proper development experience but sap is new for me and it's now a challenging task for me to get adapt in it.

Sattumac by Galactic 1
  • 6 replies
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Vote for our Origami Challenge

Some of you might have heard of our Origami Challenge already. The time has come ... it is starting today! From now onwards until November 17 you can post your piece of Origami, your final submission into this thread! Voting will be enabled by giving...

Suggestions to do in Munich

Hello all!For the next 2 weeks, 5 people and I will go to Munich, to visit our colleagues.I am happy to see suggestions for the weekend. Some ideas are: Salzburg, museums.Any other suggestion? Thanks!

Isabel by Galactic 2
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Off-topic, what is that?

Just wanted to say 'hello world' to the group and thanks for having me.  I'll probably be lurking since I don't have much to offer but work topics.  Well, I do cycle.  Anyone else?  Road, mountain, gravel, cyclo anyone?

vinwade by Galactic 2
  • 16 replies
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Coffee roasting

Given that this is the coffee corner, I guess it is appropriate to talk about coffee roasting as well. Anyone interested in coffee roasting here that will be interested in sharing their experience?