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Sky Watcher?

I figure I won't be alone in here, I'm sure there are more who did S.E.T.I. and things like that over the years - maybe even still do.  Are you a sky watcher? Night Sky fan? I was just looking at what there is to see this month considering I missed t...

Scary movies anyone?

In the US it's getting closer and closer to Halloween...   I used to love it.   I lived in a large neighborhood where a normal weekend Halloween we could expect 500 - 700 trick or treaters.  We knew the older people who made Carmel apples, cookies, a...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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Authentication issue with DW trial

Hi!I'm experiencing some problems when logging in to start my SAP DW trial: I received instructions on how to change my password by clicking on "Forgot my password", but I am not getting the email to do so, so I can't access the free trial. Has anyon...

Regression tests in SOLMAN

The tests are one of the most important things when you need to approve new development, or in an implementation project, or improvement thinks, or even just to guarantee that the system keeps working the way was delivered in the last synchronization...

Jarlei by Galactic 1
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Share a funny SAP story

Everyone has a funny story from their life events. Kindly share one where SAP was involved.In my case, I joined in a team called Fiori. And initially I use to work on SAP ABAP, after almost 3 months while chatting with an anonymous person in a cab, I...

Vacationing at home

Does anyone like to vacation and enjoy staying home anymore?   I know since Covid some people feel trapped in their house.   But even before that?Them: Vacation where are you going? Me: No where just reading, watching, and enjoying a day at home.Then...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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Cars, Cars, Cars.........

I love cars. However I am currently at a point in my life where I have other priorities. Thought I'd throw it out there and start some discussions ! What car(s) do you have ? What do you like/dislike about them ? What car realistically would you like...

BMW 3 Series Touring 2013.jpg BMW M340i 2021.jpg 911 Carrera 4S 2021.jpg

Read any good blogs lately? Pick Just One

Have you read any good blogs?   Any you strongly agreed with or found yourself nodding your head at it when reading it.I don't get her very often to play, but I'd love to hear out what everyone is enjoying to read.  Also I put an impossible goal for ...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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