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Coffee roasting


Given that this is the coffee corner, I guess it is appropriate to talk about coffee roasting as well. Anyone interested in coffee roasting here that will be interested in sharing their experience?



Never considered it! Do you have a specialized roaster or are you throwing green coffee beans into the oven?

@David_Chavianohaha not throwing coffee beans into the oven but I should probably try it just for the fun of it. I imagine the roast will not be that even in the end because the beans will not be moving during the roast process.

I guess my machine can be considered a specialised roaster... it is an Aillio Bullet R1 V2. Compared to the gas powered roaster I used when learning to the roast, where everything was manual and controlling the temperature was extremely difficult, the Bullet simplifies a lot the whole process.

@ajmaradiaga Is there a way to screen your beans for mycotoxins? Or is this just a matter of trusting your source?

Mycotoxins.... reminds me of the Bulletproof executive 🙂 That said, I do not screen my beans for mycotoxins. My understanding is that it is something that can occurs while processing the bean and then also at storage. In my case, I haven't really thought about it so I guess I trust my source.

**bleep** yes! I vaguely remember the Bulletproof coffee trend. However, my abnormally large consumption of peanut butter is the origin of my knowledge of the term 🙂 

Edit - apparently the exclamation A_h!  (Without the underscore) is censored as profanity here 😄 

Hmm...maybe our smut filter is working a bit too well. I'll investigate. (BTW, thanks for clarifying. Naturally I initially assumed you must have typed something with an F or H... 🙂 ).


Typing **bleep** to see what happens myself.

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Just buying beans from a local coffeshop, I d k about home roasting. : D

That is way better than supermarket coffee beans 🙂

Home roasting can be a lot of fun, lots of learning in the process.... from sourcing the green beans, picking a machine, and handling the smoke it can produce haha (it does produce some smoke so you gotta be aware of that).

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

It just sounds like too much work to me.  I love my irish breakfast black tea.  But I buy it from Amazon.   (loose leaf)  So much easier.

It can be a lot of work.... if you don't enjoy the process. Fortunately, I do 🙂

I'm so glad you love it.  It would be a nice hobby. 

 If I'm not too lazy reading books in the Winter - it might be something to look into.   I heard that pine needles can be made into a nice tea.  So perhaps I'll try something with that instead.

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

I've never done it myself, but I certainly respect the craft. I can imagine that it's quite satisfying to drink a cup of coffee for which you have sourced and roasted the beans yourself. That said, I'm a bit too lazy and need my caffeine fix without too much effort 😅

It does take time but in my case there are no specialty coffee places close to where I live, the closest is like 5km away. I guess I just wanted top quality coffee at home w/o the need of having to visit a specialty coffee place haha

So do you have a special 'coffee room'? Must be nice for your family, having their own personal coffee shop 😋


You could always try this wonderful invention! It may be a bit chilly outside right now, but it would keep the smells out of your house 🙂

True, popcorn makers are commonly  used to roast coffee beans.

Galactic 4
Galactic 4

I don't have the round tuits to roast beans myself though I am a coffee consumer. When my spouse worked at a department store warehouse we obtained a brand-name coffee grinder and maker in one. Previously, I'd sometimes grind the beans in one unit and brew the coffee in another, so this all-in-one sounded good. A few surprises learned along the way:

  1. Don't forget to empty the basket after putting the beans into the grinder, as the grinds get backed up and/or overflow the pot otherwise.
  2. Some beans make better tasting coffee than others; I like to take the "first flush" and get the immediate cup rush.
  3. Cleaning the unused grounds out of the grinder section is needed on every pot; I am now using a reusable cloth instead of throwing away a paper towel every day.

I toss the used grounds into the garden; they're supposed to be good for azaleas I think.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I don't roast either; I am a consumer as well.  That said some of the best roasted coffees I have tasted were from South Africa and Puerto Rico.  The richness of the coffees was fantastic.