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Elizabeth and Charles

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

In common with many people, I've been somewhat saddened by the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. She's been my Queen all my life and I'll miss her. But now I've a King! And there's a new Princess of Wales.

The last 70 years have been referred to as the New Elizabethan Age. So what will King Charles' reign be known as. I believe I have the answer.


Charles 1 was the Caroline era. Charles 2 the Carolean era.
Will Charles 3 preside over the Carolyn era (in accordance with principles of organic chemistry*).
It could even be the Sweet Carolyne era if it's especially good.
*Single carbon bonds have the suffix -ane, double carbon bonds are -ene and triple are -yne. 


I am super impressed by the Royal family and the monarchy overall in the UK and that's definitely a very good question @matt - we'll see. 

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Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I've watched a lot of proceedings on YouTube.  It is amazing how many keep saying "Prince Charles" instead of King Charles III


Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Sympathy and condolences from Coburg(Germany)...

Our noble houses are related.

Governments change but the royals are continuity. There may be dark times right now, but they will pass. Elizabeth II may not have been our queen in the direct sense, but we also valued her presence...