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Is there any problem with the Blogging system?

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hello to all,

I've recently published an article

It's inaccessible for days - I cannot see it even in the list of my Blogs?

  • Any idea if there is any technical issue with Blogging system? I have tried to contact support, but no response...
  • If's the first Blog I did - still if there is any issue with the Blog - I would expect some comment is send by the Moderator or so. The thing is, I do talk more about ChatGPT (and only briefly about Ariba/BTP), so if I need to withdraw the Blog and post somewhere else - no problem as far as I am concerned. The problem is, I cannot access my Blog at all (cannot save the content I did, withdraw/delete etc.), and I do not know what the problem is...

Any idea?

Anyone was experiencing similar problems?


Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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I just updated an earlier post and the change went through. I'll see what out I can find via out-of-band channels.



There were issues with the blogging system last week, so we'll check on what happened. All authors are informed via editorial comments about their posts and any changes requested once it has been submitted for review. You would also be informed if it had been returned to you for additional changes or if it was published.


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Thank you - would really appreciate any support on this.

Unfortunately, I have not rcv any comment, nor any notification. Post was generally visible (for about 1 day), I see it in a dashboard (it's listed as Published), but if I click under "Blogs" I cannot see it nor I can access it. 

We are working to identify where the bug is and why the general listing does not include it.


Hello, Goran:

We may be another week or two away from resolving this matter, so the only option at the moment would be to publish the post again. 

If you didn't save a copy, I should be able to retrieve the text at least, and I'd be happy to send that to you via email. I'm afraid you'd still have to publish again (and add any images that might have been lost).

Since you have Author status, you should be able to publish directly without going through moderation. If you find that's not the case, please notify me here.

If you'd rather wait, I may have a final answer in a week or two, but there's still the possibility that we may not be able to republish the lost content automatically. In which case you would need to publish yourself again manually, as explained above.

Please let me know if you'd like me to send you the text or if you'd rather wait for an update.

Kind regards,




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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the update.

I have re-published I hope it will work now... I guess it is better to re-publish, as ChatGPT topic is so dynamic,.. It might even be banned in some countries due to the GDPR compliance 😞 

Still, the use-case idea (described in the article) is nice, I hope 🙂 

In the essence, it is exactly the same article. Can you please (if this is possible):

  1. make sure initial article published on March 21st "does not re-appear" at some point of time (to avoid 2 same articles)
  2. remove (if possible?) reference in my profile on the initial article published on March 21st (link does not open anyway - but no need to have it there)Screenshot 2023-04-03 154750.jpg



Hi, Goran:

I did request that the older post (published March 21) not "re-appear." I'm also seeing what can be done to have that broken link removed from your profile.

Kind regards,


Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I have just posted one new blog and it is published without any issue. So, it seems right now there is no issue in publishing blogs.