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No Email Notification on specific Tags (e.g.: SAP Forms service by Adobe, SAP Business ByDesign,...)

Galactic 2
Galactic 2



I have some interessting question where I can't find, whatr's wrong.

I'm following lots of tags and even follow interessting forum posts, but since 23.12.2022 I don't get Email notifications anymore. First I thought, that everyone is on holidays, but when went to some topics like SAP Business ByDesign directly, I saw that there were still new posts, which I missed because of no notification.

Does anyone have the same experience? I didn't change anything...

I would love to get all my notifications so I can contribute at the several forms if necessary.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @BEKOStan , I had a look at your subscriptions and only saw the two posts you participated in, no groups or tags. Can you double check what you have listed here:

We had a community migration over the weekend, bringing members and content from the SuccessFactors Customer community to this one. Were you also a member on the SuccessFactors Community? If so, what was your user name? Let me know and we can look into it further.

Hi @caroleighdeneen ,

I have these tags which I'm following:


I still get no email notifications, but now I see messages if I'm logged in:


I would prefer the email notifications more...



PS: Maybe is the wrong place for my question because what I'm missing is here







Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, thank you for clarifying. Indeed, I thought you were referring to your notifications. 

Let's ask @kvibhasharma if she can help with notifications on


Hi, Andreas,
I've checked our systems and starting 23.12.22 (until today) your user stanbeko was sent 13 emails.
The majority of these emails are notifying you about new question or blogpost, more rarely about a comment.
Please check that our sender address is not blocked:
Or perhaps it ended up in spam or some filter / automated rule.

Hi @carpe_diem ,

yeah, 13 emails from 23.12 up to yesterday is not much. The interesting time range is 23.12-05.1 because I got no mail at all, even if there were posted some new questions to some tags I'm following.

Usually I get ~10 mails per day which get into a seperate folder.

I checked/unchecked some settings in My Account yesterday and now it shows me such red overlay and says I have 8 messages.


in my outlook I also got 8 notifications - so maybe it is working again.


I keep an eye on this - maybe I find a way (again) that I only get email notifications and no notifications in the (because deleting there is very tedious)

BR Andreas




Hi, Andreas,
Inbox notifications are now always on (mandatory), so if you have received an email notification, there will definitely be (and much faster/earlier) an Inbox notification as well.
We are working on a new solution for the Inbox, the Notification Center, there we'll have better options to filter/display and manage (delete/change status) the inbox notifications.

Hi @carpe_diem ,

Yes, I observed this behavour that my email notifications are a little bit late, but finally they come again.

Batch delete would be a nice option for the new Notification Center.


It is planned, yes 🙂