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Off-topic, what is that?

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Just wanted to say 'hello world' to the group and thanks for having me.  I'll probably be lurking since I don't have much to offer but work topics.  Well, I do cycle.  Anyone else?  Road, mountain, gravel, cyclo anyone?



I do cycle, Mountain biking, not very often anymore these days, this image is from this year biking in the Palatinate - no single trail downhill riding 😅

no downhill single trail ;-)no downhill single trail 😉

But I did some exciting stuff in the past. In 2006 e.g. I crossed the Alpes with my Mountain bike. It was a guided tour from Zillertal, Austria to Italy, Lago di Garda. It took 5 days and we passed 6.200 metres in height and the whole tour was 280 km long. Here is an image at the board Austria/Italy.

At the border Austra/ItalyAt the border Austra/Italy

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Truly impressive!  Thanks for sharing.  I am doing more road these days but I started out mountain, after this post I am thinking about getting back in!

Let me know how it is going 😊

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Hello back to you @vinwade what kind of bike do you ride? I never owned a new bike, only very old ones with 3 gears max, so I only enjoyed easy rides. But a few years ago a former colleague of mine (who is the most passionate cyclist I ever met!) sold me a bike he built himself and I absolutely love it. It's a racing bike. While I was afraid of the speed at first, I now can't hold myself but ride fast. 🙂

I didn't know! 😅
That sounds exciting, I wish you much fun with your rides, Mynyna, and take care when you ride so fast 🤗

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Thanks! 😄

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Hello!  I am on a Trek Madone (the low end one:).  I am really interested in building my own though.  I have a carbon frame but really am on the fence about electronic shifting.

I totally get what you mean about the speed.  The first week I was on the road I went down a hill at 63 km/h and was hooked ever since!  It's pretty flat where I am so finding a few choice hills is not easy.

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I just looked it up, it looks nice and speedy! (I have to admit, I don't really know much about bikes). Building your own bike is next level for sure! 🙂 

oh wow, that is fast! 

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I meant to ask if you could post a pic of your bike?  😊

Sure, here it is! It has a carbon frame and I love the hand prop. I'm aware of the fact that passionate cyclists would debate about the carrier or rack on a racing bike or how you call that but as I used to bike to work before home office, I found it very useful! 😄

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I think a rack is great but I know what you mean about "some passionate cyclists".  Very nice bike!  Thanks for sharing.  I'll post a pic of mine later on.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I haven't done any cycling since I was a kid.

Pre-covid, I did a lot of hiking; then the park where I hiked closed all the restrooms due to Covid, so I try to make sure I walk everywhere I need to go, whether it be grocery shopping, drug stores, work, etc.

I still hike given the opportunity, but you are right, in some cases parks I have stopped at along my travels have been outright closed!

Funny you mention, I recently just started walking to the grocery store.  It is not far but I have to pack a little lighter than I would on my bike or car. 😉 

I just returned from the drug store (walking of course) to work with my reusable cloth bag.  It's like I'm the  accidental environmentalist!  

😊Last night I bought some reusable bags for my trip to the grocery store.  They hold much more that a couple disposable!  I am also an accidental environmentalist! 

I have soo many of the cloth ones! Now if you try a backpack, you can pack heavier again. 😉 I have one I use for grocery shopping, it's not fancy but functional!