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Read any good blogs lately? Pick Just One

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Have you read any good blogs?   Any you strongly agreed with or found yourself nodding your head at it when reading it.

I don't get her very often to play, but I'd love to hear out what everyone is enjoying to read.  Also I put an impossible goal for me and you too.   Pick just one.   

I know for me...   I could say almost 80% peak my interest and of those only 25% are useful to me now.   Of course I love reading the comments at the end.  Sometimes I learn more from them than the blog. Interestingly, I've found gems back in the ages.   I've searched on google and I find a blog I may have read or one I never read.  It becomes something I need now.  The author wrote it back 8 years ago.

I love reading most blogs from @joachim.rees3 They are about things I may be doing and they can show me some pain points that he worked through.  He writes as if he is talking to me.  Not all the time, but enough that he is one of the "must" read members for me.  And yes, I have quite a few "must" read people, but no real list.  




This is  a great question. I love to see what the blogger is talking about and when the blog goes step by step. I really liked this blog published this week! How to integrate AppGyver to SAP Workflow Management | SAP Blogs

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I was impressed by this blog post here: A Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP ERP, because I think it is very well written and received so many views within a super short time frame. 

Due to that fact, we approached Nestor and organized an upcoming SAP Community Call with him:

If you like it too, I hope to see you there! 🙂 

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Galactic 3
Galactic 3

I cannot read too much these days/weeks/months, and I try to keep myself away from the ABAP tag because it's painfully full of leeching.

But I begun to read the scariest horror blog ever from a dude who knows what he's doing in the ABAP world (or out of it).

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

How about this one from today?  SAP Data Warehouse Cloud News – January 2022 - wish I had time to write more.