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SAP Cryptic Crossword Puzzle


I finally found time to create an SAP-related Cryptic Crossword puzzle -- not perfect, but a start. For one, the grid is not the usual grid, but I think the clues are pretty good.

And even better, you can earn 1000 points toward your Devtoberfest contest!!

All the answers are related to SAP, many related to Devtoberfest.


Devtoberfest Cryptic Crossword


What are Cryptic Crosswords?

Cryptics are the coolest crosswords there are, and apparent all the rage today. They have a grid like regular crosswords, though generally with fewer words. What sets them apart is the form of the clues.

Each clue is made to sound like a normal phrase, but they are divided into 2 parts: one part is a definition (like a regular crossword) and the second part is a riddle, a clue about the letters in the answer. Each clue comes with the number of letters in the answer, shown at the end.

Let's take an example.


Shameless beau's hand wanders (9)


There is the clue and the length (number of letters) of the answer, which is vital to know.

Here, there are 2 parts of the clue:

  • "Shameless" is the definition.
  • "Beau's hand wanders" is the riddle, indicating how the answer is constructed.

In this case, the definition of "shameless" is "unabashed", which is an anagram of "beau's hand". And you know it is an anagram because of the word "wanders". There are hundreds of words (e.g., "confused", "erratic", "twisted") that can indicate an anagram.

And how do you know where the definition is and where the riddle is? That's the key to solving the puzzle. It can be at the start of the clue or at the end.

You can see many more examples in Sarah Lolley's web site.

Why I love them? 

The main reason I love them is that they make you think.

When I get my games magazine, I go through the puzzle and maybe solve a third of the clues. At that point, I've had enough and cannot figure out the rest.


But then I pick it up a few days later, and somehow my brain is thinking differently, and I start to look at the clue differently. All of a sudden I can solve the clue.

I also love plays are words and interesting patterns, which you need to find to solve the clues. And I also like that almost every answer is a well-known, usually simple word, and the crossword does not rely on knowing esoteric (looking at you NYT).

I hope you enjoy them, too.

P.S.: It was also fun to start to create the puzzles, using scrablle word finders, multi-word anagram creators, and cryptic dictionaries where you find the key words that indicate to the solver the clue is an anagram, or hidden word, or whatever.

Devtoberfest Cryptic Crossword



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In the grid, question 10 should have 11 boxes.

Thanks for the catch ...  I will fix shortly ... are you able to complete?

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(un)fortunately, not yet.. stuck on qn 8 & 11 😅 you're successful in this~ haha! any hints though? i'm afraid i'd have sleepless nights..

#8 is a double definition, and #11 you get definitions of 2 different words, which you put together for clue answer

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may i ask what do you mean by definition? 😅 any closer hints?

#8, i know it's 11 characters word.. what does it mean by double definition?
#11, for this, i know it's 2 words: _ _ E _     _ _ _ _ _ F _ _ _.. put together for clue answer? don't understand.. 

SOS!! hah

Double definition is like “Scooter was blue” which would be “moped”, which is definition of scooter and of blue. Look online for more examples

8 is very much related to devtoberfest and computers

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Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 12.10.23 PM.png
I am proud of this achievement above.. haha!

Thank you @dan_wroblewski !

Congrats ... glad you were able to complete

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Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Any clue for number 10? 😀

same same but different to #5 😉

That did it. Thanks! 😅



Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I pretty proud to finish this brain breaker game! 😄



Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hey there! 

I almost finished Cryptic Crossword 😞 only #7 left .. has someone any clue?? 🥲 

Sorry I was late for help, but allow me to give another (non-cryptic) clue:

How do you call a group of ABAPers?