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Scary movies anyone?

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

In the US it's getting closer and closer to Halloween...   I used to love it.   I lived in a large neighborhood where a normal weekend Halloween we could expect 500 - 700 trick or treaters.  We knew the older people who made Carmel apples, cookies, and other homemade yummies and we were allowed to eat them if it came from there.  Fun times!

Now one part of Halloween that has always been just awesome for me is the movies!   Some of my all time favorites are old and the special effects will make you laugh.   I believe this has been on our old coffee corners - but let's start a new discussion.

For me -

Fun Movies

  • The Night of the Comet - Combines Zombie like with 80's valley girl and a huge dose of humor.  It makes me laugh every time.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still - The original 1951 black and white
  • I have my own collection of Resident Evil - just love the kick @ss take no name style
  • Freddy the 13th - It used to be "scary"  Now it's just fun to watch

Movies that make me jump

  • CandyMan
  • Most of the Conjuring movies

And I hope you'll add some more - so I can add to a download list I have!



Galactic 6
Galactic 6

My mother *loved* scary/horror movies.  I do not.

For Halloween I like to watch the old Bewitched Halloween episodes.  I always enjoyed that show.

Where is @jerryjanda - he is a big fan..."scary Jerry"

Bewitched was always fun!  It's still funny even now and even with the canned laughter.  The new movie was worth watching as well..

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

I'm a big fan of scary movies 🙂 One favourite is Ringu/The Ring, a Japanese movie from 1998. It is probably also the horror movie that has scared me the most. Suspiria, a 1977 movie by Italian director Dario Argento is another favourite.

Both movies have been remade, by the way, but just go directly to the source and watch the originals.

There is so much great stuff out there. And as Tammy points out, Jerry Janda will probably chime in very soon 😄

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I remember getting nightmares after having seen just the trailer of The Ring 😱

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

I've never been a big fan of really scary or horror movies, I'm too much of a scaredy-cat 🙈
Now and then I 'test' whether that is still the case by giving it another go (but never alone).
Thanks for the tips, The Night of the Comet looks promising 🙂


@TammyPowlas I was joking with my colleagues that this thread has made me obsolete. I used to be the one who started these discussions on the old Coffee Corner. Happy to see the conversations going in the new groups!

@mcrapo I haven't watched the new film, but the original "Candyman" is indeed one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. In fact, this past Saturday, I took one of my sons to the Monster-Mania convention in Oaks, Pennsylvania -- about 30 minutes from SAP's offices in Newtown Square -- and one of the guests was Candyman himself, Tony Todd. I didn't get a chance to chat with him or get my "Candyman" Blu-ray autographed, but I did get to watch him buy a smoothie at a concession stand.

@morten-wittrock I couldn't agree more about "Suspiria." One of my favorites. My primary reason for going to Monster-Mania was to see Joe Bob Briggs (another guest at the show), and my son and I did attend his panel/Q&A, meet him, get pics and autographs, chat a bit, etc. During his panel session, Joe Bob got this question: "Fulci or Argento?" He picked Argento, and I would as well. BTW, the "Suspiria" remake was much better than I had expected, and Argento's "Suspiria" sequels ("Inferno," "Mother of Tears") are quite good as well (although "Suspiria" > "Inferno" > "Mother of Tears"...easily).

Happy Halloween, all!

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I actually haven't seen the Suspiria remake yet, but I will 🙂

And I'd pick Argento too, by the way.

You will never be obsolete!  

Actually Tammy - I would buy one in a heartbeat.  Of course it would have to be on at least 15 acres.   So I doubt they exist.   Most of the "older" - haunted buildings are in towns.  I had to check out that link. 😁

I might actually be willing to pay extra for a haunted house. 🙂

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Real life can be so much more frightening than any horror movie...

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I allowed it to haunt me before I went to sleep last night!  My bad.  That hand looks like it could be monster.

Galactic 1
Galactic 1
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how about the movies from "Chuckie"? 😉 Killer doll on the move

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I actually have watched all the Chuckie movies - but don't tell anyone.   🙂  It is always funny to me how the doll can kill people.   They are a just a little bit bigger than he is.   When the first one was made I believe it scared me.   It original It movie scared me too.  That clown was scary.  Clowns are already a bit creepy.   The remake wasn't nearly as good.   

There is a Chuckie that was recently started.  I have not watched those.   

The leprechaun movies are pretty funny too.

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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I don't like really scary movies, but on the fun side we have a couple of movies that are Halloween traditions:

Hocus Pocus
Halloween Town set of movies
Casper - the live-action movie


Hocus Pocus was excellent!

Now you've got me wondering - Halloween Town set of movies, and Casper may be on my get soon videos

All of them are kind of goofy, but they're kid-friendly fun!


Stellar 3
Stellar 3
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I only like horror scary movies. Not other violent scary ones. 
Annabelle - Conjuring series, The Ring, The Grudge series, IT series, Dead Silence,... so on these I could recall now. 

- India.