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Take part in the "Virtual Unofficial SAP Community TechEd '21 Jam Session"

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

What's more coffee corner than jamming along to the SAP Coffee Corner Podcast music with your fellow SAP Community friends and colleagues? This idea for a TechEd '21 Jam Session tune could be a wash (especially considering the timeframes) but hopefully, with your help, especially if you have some hidden musical talent or know of others to bug to do something, a lot of work for me to put this together to make something quite special.





That sound really cool, Matt. I don't have a hidden musical talent, unfortunately, but I just remembered the SAP TechEd Jam session in Barcelona, where I was "part of the Jam Band"... it was so cool! 😁IMG_9035.JPG

Join us for #GlobalRunningDay in June!

Thanks Svea - And to your point about your musical talents - I think if anyone sends me a video of them listening and grooving while walking around their unique location - even without sound - I'd throw that in for sure too!