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Unveiling the Coffee with a View Competition Winner & Spreading Appreciation


Since we started the "Coffee with a View" Photography Competition, we've been receiving incredible photos every day from all over the world. Be it the breathtaking view of towering skyscrapers in metropolises or the view of a clear sky meeting the sea, be it the majestic peaks of the Himalayas or the Swiss mountains, or snapshots of a garden and a cute pet at home, the pictures present the unique experiences that each of you bring to the community!

It's been also wonderful to see how you appreciate each other's pictures and interact with one another in the comments. It's the power of sharing and connection I deeply felt. Thank you all for being a part of it!

And now, we're thrilled to announce the winner of our competition. Can you hear the drums?🥁

Congratulations to @Tomas_Buryanek for winning with his amazing photo (18 Kudos) capturing his "Tea with a View" of downtown San Francisco at night! Your package and the invite for a virtual coffee chat is on the way! Now let’s share some more details about our winner and the picture. 😊



💬About Tomas: "Hello, I am Tomas, SAP developer from Czech Republic (Prague). Originally I registered to SAP Community (old SCN back then) in 2013. Mainly I was participating in Q&A section in SAP (ABAP) development topics. Few years ago transformed to And recently I started exploring, where I also discovered this Coffee with a View photo competition. Thanks everyone for your votes! 🙂 Also if someone from Czech Republic is reading this, we have new Prague group created - feel free to join!"

📸 About the picture: "This photo was taken on one of my last days of USA vacation. We originally made a reservation in local cheap dormitory hostel for these last 2 days. But when we arrived to reception, they told us they made some mistake. And we got free upgrade from dormitory to small apartment room in different building. When we moved our stuff to that building, we were very surprised by this view. Which we enjoyed at evening with a tea."

With that, I also want to share the other 5 of our most-kudoed pictures. The complete picture board with all the pictures will come soon and it will be updated in this thread!

(Please note that the members of our internal community engagement team also participated and received lots of kudos! However, we did not include them to the final ranking according to our Th)


 “When a brazilian guy goes on vacation to the Netherlands and gets a pretty nice visitor posing for his #Coffeewithaview pic 🇧🇷🇳🇱“ (14 Kudos), by @luan_santos  


“Self-made Coffee tastes better while watching the clouds dance and being surrounded by the stunning Alps on the mountaintop.” (14 Kudos), by @raghavendrahegd 


“A strong Americano in Lübeck, having a nice view on the ancient stores in the harbour.” (12 Kudos), by @markteichmann  


“Taking a moment to reset with a cup of coffee in the backyard.“ (12 Kudos), by @Vitaliy-R 


“Hot coffee with a view. From the Himalayas.“ (12 Kudos), by @prasanth 

The sharing does not stop here, I am sure there will be more pictures to come from coffee and tea lovers. Let’s take this thread to share more pictures in the future! Last but not least, to all the participants: what do you think of our competition? What other fun themes and activities can you think of for the next time?

I am really curious to see your feedback and ideas, please leave a reply below! Thanks again for making the challenge so exciting.



Congratulations @Tomas_Buryanek🎉  It was such a fun competition with lots of great and inspiring pictures! 😍

Thank you! Yes, lot of great photos were sent 🙂

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

A great idea to connect with others around the world

Thanks for joining!😊


Congrats @Tomas_Buryanek - still makes me want to travel when I look at your photo again. Worthy winner! Thank you for sharing your photo!!

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Thank you very much! 🙂

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Congrats Thomas, The competition was truly remarkable, 😍

I lost my SAP dream shirt  😉

Thanks for being part of it. Stay tuned for next time!😎


@Anaer this is all spectacular. Congrats to the winner and honorable mentions. I enjoyed all of the picture from everyone. My vote is to keep this discussion on-going since I really think it made people's day! #Coffeewithaview 

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Yes, I totally agree that we should keep the discussion on-going! I will definitly take another one "coffee with a view" picture during my upcoming vacation to China 🙂 


Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 14.53.29.png

 Virtual Coffee Chat – Short Recap!💬

@craigcmehil  and I had a blast during our virtual coffee chat yesterday with @Tomas_Buryanek

We got to know each other better and talked about our experiences and thoughts on the SAP Community. It's incredible how many of you have been part of this community for many years and witnessed all the development of it, just like Tomas.

Speaking of Tomas, he's the organiser of the Prague Group, and we brainstormed some awesome ideas to boost engagement in the group. Stay tuned for exciting updates coming your way!

Really enjoyed seeing all the photos from around the world. A fun way to spend your coffee break as well, looking at the new entries! Hope we can do more of this going forward.

Wishing you every success with the Prague Group @Tomas_Buryanek 😊.

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@Anaer so, so fun! @Tomas_Buryanek you are an overnight community celebrity! Let's keep #communityspirit going!!

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