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What do you call it when you lose all sense of logic?

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

I've lost it - I'm sure of it.   I've given up on logic - logic isn't working on this one.   So what am I doing I'm simply doing trial and error with many different fields / flags hoping I'll come up with the desired results.

  • I've thrown out the rule book.   Why should I look at the documentation more than 1000 times?   
  • I've thrown out logic.  The code is giving me a headache.  And it doesn't look like it's doing what I need it to do - SAP supplied function module.  (Yes, in debug too)
  • I've thrown out asking questions.  I'm not getting answers quick enough.  You know like yesterday.

So as I sit here with my Tea - I'm wondering what you exactly call it?  I usually can do one of the above and find an answer.  It's been years since I've tossed away so many logical tools. 

Investigation by... Experimentation? 

I guess the last time I did it was when my son was growing up...   You know "why", "why", "why" - became because I said so.  As he grew older it became check it out on the internet.  Google usually knows all...  Then talk to me about it.  You know, because google can't read your mind.

Oh by the way - hypothetically, if you knew this person, this person that was having the issues, learning obstacles from above, how much time would it take them?  You know, asking for a friend and all.


Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Hi @mcrapo , I'm not sure, but this state sounds like 'F... off'. You know the saying(jokingly): 'I'm beyond burnout. I'm in F... off!' ?

Take a few hours off. Sometimes You can't force it.

Discovered the short reels on FB. There is lot's of stupid and funny stuff. Perhaps some non-sense triggers the right idea. Paired with some fresh air and a vitamins shock. Get some fruit in the mixer. Do some good for body and soul.

If You feel You have a hard time to focus, perhaps drinking some extra minerals is what You need.

Start listening to the needs of Your body. It did a great job bringing You to this day. Mens sano in corpore sano. This simple fact is over 2000 years old.




And that did work.   I took a day off.   While sleeping thought of something to try and wrote it down.  It worked.   Amazing.   I did comment the heck out of it.   I did not have the time for a rewrite.

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Cool. Always happy to help.

A professor of ours called it the dull axe problem: You have to bring down an acre of wood with a dull axe and have almost no time for that. You think about sharpening your axe but decide against it fearing to lose too much time in the process.

You dared sharpen Your axe and it worked! Congratulations!

Also never underestimate the power of sleeping over a problem/challenge.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Manfred makes some good points

For me I always think better early in the morning with coffee.  

Many times after a quick walk outside I will think of new things as well.