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What is your favorite dish or snack?


Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to raise for discussion and sharing one of my most favorite topics: Cooking! (food:)). Since I was 5-6 years old I started cooking. I was amazed by the ability to make the treats and the food I liked the most, on my own. Although my skills were quite limited at the time I really enjoyed cooking:). I didn't abandon this passion and over the last few years I took it one step further and started making  my favorite snacks (that you would usually buy in a bag) and finger food like:

Bissli- Spicy fried pasta


Falafel- Fried chickpea mixture 


Shakshuka- Tomato sauce with poached eggs 


Hummus- I think I don't need to explain this one:)


Sweet Potato Chips


Pita bread


I was even fortunate to conduct a virtual cooking workshop for approx. 200+ people and I was relived that the Pita bread came out just as expected :).

I'd be happy to share with you the recipes if you'd be interested :). But more importantly I would love to hear what is your favorite dish that you enjoy cooking or snack:).

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Everything looks delicious @moshenaveh ! Recently, my favorite food to make is bagels! These take just 4-ingredients to make.



uh @allietrzaska !!! Where's the recipe please!!!!

Hehe 🤗 As requested:


  • 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 egg (for egg wash)


  • Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees (F)
  • Beat the egg in a small dish and place off to the side
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt
  • Add in the yogurt, mixing until it forms a ball of dough (you may need to use your hands after a little!)
  • Cut the ball into 4 equal pieces (or 2 if you want a larger bagel)
  • Shape into a bagel by putting a hole in the middle and stretching the sides out a bit
  • Use the beaten egg to coat the tops of each bagel (don't be shy, this is what gives it a crispy finish)
  • Add whatever toppings you want (pictured above is Everything but the Bagel Seasoning)
  • Cook in the oven for 25 minutes
  • Enjoy!


I was lucky enough to have a batch made for me 😉 but question @allietrzaska on the Greek Yoghurt - what % fat does your have?


Um....YUM!! The yogurt I prefer to use has 0% milk fat. Here's a picture of the exact brand.Screenshot 2021-10-27 083522.jpg


Another weird bleep there 🙂

The word was "fat." Should be OK now.


Your Bagels looked so good I decided to try to make them myself, just used plain yogurt I already had on hand and they came out great. Thanks for the simple recipe!Everything BagelsEverything Bagels

@norman those look great!! I'm so excited you tried the recipe 😁

I cannot believe this is so easy. I'll try and let you know ... 😅

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Amazing! Looks delicious! I can already imagine the Smoked Salmon and cream cheese:)

Did you deep yours in boiling water with Baking Soda or you just do that when you want them to crunchie on the outside?

Here is my attempt: 


And I also tried making Pretzels:



No frying necessary! The egg wash in the recipe (commented above) is what gives it a crunchy finish. All you need to do is bake them in the oven.


There are a few dishes that are my responsibility at home:

Grill during the summer



My most common dish is a burger with halloumi cheese and grilled sweet potatoes with coarse-grained salt and yoghurt (I fall in love with them during my one and only trip to Tel Aviv) 


My dream is to get the perfect home-made chimichurri, but I am still experimenting with it.


Roasted chicken (or sometimes fish) during the winter


My typical Saturday breakfast for family



is a bagel/toast with cream-cheese, smoked salmon and an egg.

And my favorite dish for a quick dinner


is pasta with olives, garlic, lemon, rucola (missing on this picture) and Parmigiano. 


This whole post made me hungry, so I need to log off and go look for some food now 😋

Smacznego / Смачного / Bon appetit!

I've been fortunate enough to visit Vitaliy's grill and can attest to its awesomeness 😄

That was actually the same what I thought, seeing Vitaliy standing at his grill 

Join us for #GlobalRunningDay in June!

@morten-wittrock I've been fortunate to have you helping me in the kitchen that day!

Makes me hungry!:)

Thanks for tip for adding Lemon to the pasta. I guess you add it when served and during the cooking phase? Have you tried smoking meet?

The other day when I didn't have much time for lunch and no ideas what to cook, I went to this thread for inspiration.

I made the lemon-olive pasta and it was so good! 


Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Reading this thread has led to 2 things for me personally.

  1. Made me hungry
  2. Made me realize I need to work on my cooking skills 😋

Cooking is exploration, and that’s what I like the most about it 🙂

Steaks are my current upskill activity.  This was a trip / Burgermeistersteak 🙂


Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 09.18.18.pngScreenshot 2021-10-15 at 09.17.56.png

@craigcmehil is there something left to upskill? These look great 🤤

I'm experimenting with different cuts of meat from my local farmers so far flank, triton, rump, fast iron and hip - there's a whole lot of cuts to try still 🙂

I see. Well, if you ever want an unbiased test panel in your search for the best cut, I hereby volunteer 😄

From your local farmers? Does that mean from a local farmers market or from local beef producers? 

Local farmer, but many of them have basically a farmer‘s market/store on their property.

Looks great, Craig. What time is dinner? 😄 😄

It was dinner and lunch the next day lol

@craigcmehil Yummy! Do you have tips on how to select the best piece or you trust your Butcher's pick? Do you put them in Marinade before cooking?

The cut‘s are a choice depending on what type you like - for example a Flank Steak vs a Rumpsteak vs a Tomahawk - all are different types of cut with different properties. In terms of prep - I prefer dry rub but again I‘m discovering each type of cut works a bit differently. So start with the cut you like and go from there. I‘m partial to the Flank and Tritip 🙂

Ooh boy. Now I know that I am a total noob.

If you hand me something, I'm not the worst to prep it on the grill. But I have no idea about cuts (and bruises).

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

sconessconesImmagine 2021-10-15 085613.pngI like scones. heres a recipe from a scottish newspaper, though I always associated them with Devon and Cornwall way down in southeern England. 

They are typical tea time cakes served with clotted cream (which is slightly acidic) and jam. and a good tea, maybe Assam or Darjeeling.  


Perfect between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. But no one will mind if you eat them in the morning.



The recipe:

Scots are raving about this 'light and fluffy' scone recipe - what's the secret? - Daily Record

Looks amazing. I will try making them for my wife as she is more into sweet things:).

Thank you for sharing

Thanks for posting the recipe!  I just took some time to convert it to US measurements so that I can try it.



Scones! 😍  It's been ages I had them! I can imagine the "fluffy"-ness and lightness being difficult to achieve... I'll need to try this recipe!


I am happy to be right after breakfast reading and watching those juicy pictures. 😋

Galactic 4
Galactic 4

I'd like to see the shakshouka recipe 😄 It looks right up my alley.

We do shakshouka (which literally means something like "a mess") quite often during weekends with grilled vegetables left-overs from a previous day 🙂 Put all leftovers on a pan, add cumin, tomato sauce, eggs... grab a piece of white bread, and it is delicious! 

@moshenaveh , what is your receipt?