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Work From Home

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi Everyone!

Who is enjoying Work from home these days 🙂 😉

#wfh #sap #office



Hi @raheel5 - I like working from home, as I can sit in the backyard and enjoy the summery feeling while working. On the other hand I'm also looking forward to soon go back to the office once a week and meet colleagues in person. For me personally, it is quite a different feeling to work from the office (maybe because I am not really used to it anymore). 

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Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Thanks, for your comment @lenastodal , these days I'm working from the office. but really miss working from home 😋

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

I have my little one with me, so work from home is a rollercoaster ride 🙂 While I enjoy most of it, at times it gets crazy!! I echo Lena's thoughts tough, while I enjoy work from home very much I want to go back to office once or twice a week. My kid is starting school next week, so I plan to go to office intermittently. Miss those coffee breaks, those random kitchen talks, those high fives, those post lunch walks 😞 


Hi @raheel5 

I'm working from home. I went to the office today to collect/return IT equipment and all the memories came flooding back to me - especially all the distractions (some good) like going for a cup of tea and chat with a work colleague, and the lunch-time aroma wafting down from the canteen! Open plan offices can sometimes be noisy - so I can safely say I'm way more focussed on the days I work from home. 😊

Thanks for the discussion starter!

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Office time is always memorable for me 🙂 😃



I am working from home since January 2017 and I like it.

Wow 😳

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

I've been working from home forever and a day.   That translates to over 12 years.   There are so many benefits to doing so.   The fates willing I hope I never have to work in an office setting again.   I know never say never because everything changes so quickly.

I enjoy:

  • Looking out the window at the open fields.   Seeing the birds, bunnies, deer, my horses, and occasionally other critters that stop by.   Not so happy when a skunk passes through.  But yell at my husband not to let the dogs out.  My house isn't that big so wherever he is - if he is inside - he can hear me.
  • Having a totally messy desk.  That I can make sense of but no one else can.
  • Not get dressed in classical "work clothes".   Sweats and a T-shirt for me.
  • Music turned up while working.
  • Lunches with my husband.
  • My dogs listening to my speeches.   The cats really don't make a good audience.
  • My printer right next to me.
  • Working late isn't a big deal unless it's all of the time.
  • Sometimes saying not so lady like things at my e-mail or development.
  • Being able to think without pretending to be busy to.   Trust me - just thinking it out does help.
  • Having the comfy office chair without someone "borrowing it".
  • Not having to book conference rooms.  I have all of them on line.
  • The bathroom is right next to me - but I don't have to grumble about.   There isn't any traffic going through.
  • Not chatting with co-workers when I have a million and one things to do.  

I'm sure there is so many more things I could write.   I could also write a book about the advantages of working from home.  🙂  But keep in mind I do occasionally go into work.  It's about a 6 hour drive so that's not fun.

That's really great 🙂 

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

We have mixed WFO and WFH recently, for me personally, for now I enjoy more by being in the office.

Don't get me wrong, I totally love WFH, unfortunately for now, I don't have dedicated space for WFH, so I would work in the bedroom, sits on the floor, that tired me quickly, I feel so sleepy throughout the day as I just work next to bed. Purchasing work desk would not be feasible as I don't have enough space 😅

Maybe someday if I could rent slightly bigger house I would enjoy WFH more, but for now, I prefer in the office.

Yes, you're right: WFH needs enough space and, if possible a dedicated room.
Another tip from my experience: have a break in the middle of your morning and afternoon. Go outside, have a 10 min walk in your neighborhood to relax before finishing your half day.


Great thread and great insights 🙂
Especially your advantages @mcrapo 😁
I used to work from home twice the week in the past years and since March 2020 I work from home everyday. As my ride to the office is approx. 1 hour (sometimes a bit less) it's absolutely time saving. We have a good set-up at home, my husband is here as well. From my 4 days working week, I have 2 days in the living room with a dedicated desk, all well equipped, and 2 days in our "office" in the souterrain, where I can close the door. I love that my family is around me after kids come from school. I miss my colleagues, who I used to met for a coffee! But all are in home office or spread around the world, so why should I go to the office? I think I am more productive working from home, most of the times I am not distracted and can concentrate very well. However, having said that, I would love to go to the office from time to time - just to see some other faces or the colleagues on the same floor... let's see, maybe I can manage to go at least once a week 😉  

Love the tip from @PierreCol : I try to do some calls while walking, especially those, where I need to talk only and do not need any screen sharing or notes. 

I think we need to be more creative with our work from home:
- have a nice lunch break, maybe in a restaurant
- spend some time outside either during a call or in between
- shift working hours and use the days in summer and work more in the evenings
- start really early and finish early to enjoy a nice summer evening
- start your day with Yoga, meditation or a workout and work longer instead
 and many more.

BTW: what I don't like working from home is the cooking 😅

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Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Working from home is the best that covid has brought us

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Working from home for past several month.

At this point it's "must have" for me.


Nearly nobody of my team is in office, even in the recent months with most/all restrictions lifted. So there is no reason for me to go there. No mandatory office days in my team.

I hear from other teams that they have mandatory days in office to improve teamwork, culture, ... 
However if meeting face to face is sooo important in a team ... why do we have teams spread across continents with no travel budget? Management shall co-locate teams first and only then mandate employees to come to the office.

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I must say, Work From Home is a blessing, specially for the people who belong to a populated city and used to waste a couple of hours just in commuting to office.

Work From Home in such cases hasn't only increased the productivity but is helping our nature in saving the environment as well.


I totally agree with you @Harish_Vatsa - we saw during Covid times when people had to stay at home how much nature thrived. Commuting can be soul destroying if there are traffic jams - especially when you can be more productive working from home - so it's getting the balance right somehow. Still nice to meet up with your team when possible too 🙂 

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Stellar 4
Stellar 4

Hi, I am currently learning SAP in order to have a Home-Office Job. Do you have some suggestions?

Suggestions how to learn SAP @OanaConstantin ? I would recommend to follow our Training tag to get updates and for sure you should have a look into our SAP Learning Hub!

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