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Welcome, glad to see you here!


We are just opening the doors, sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows. We thought it might be nice to bring a familiar area here so everyone can test things out a bit and get a feel for this new area of functionality we've added to the SAP Community. This area is our "Groups" or you might hear us refer to it as "Group Hub" which is the vendor term for it.

This is new functionality, new features for the SAP Community and we'll not be customising it beyond what the platform offers but it already offers a lot so we are excited to try it out and see how things go!

Hope to see a lot of you diving in and stopping by for a little break from the day to day here in our new Coffee Corner!





It's nice to see some interesting things happening in the community space, in my area the people and content vanished from the community since the change of platform years ago.

I hope now that we can bring some more contributors together, we had a great space in the past and very interesting discussions!


Thanks for adding this functionality, let's see how far it will foster Community members engagement!


Hi ,

Can you explain , which kind of discussion were going on,because i have just joined it.

I am feeling some thrilling topics will be covered in discussion.

Please share your thoughts about coffee corner!!!!!



The Coffee Corner has always been our community's off-topic area for conversations. Here, members can chat about all kinds of interests that extend beyond SAP and IT. For example, in our new Coffee Corner so far, we have a discussion about building with LEGO blocks and another about coffee roasting (which seems very apropos for Coffee Corner).

In short, any casual conversations (within reason!) are fair game for Coffee Corner.




Why - oh - why must everything change?   😀🤣  It never stops - which is a good thing when you are working with technology.  Otherwise we'd all be out of jobs.

You can eat it here, you can eat it with goat, in a train, everywhere!  Ha.  That's all I can remember without looking about Green Eggs and Ham.  It's a different look and feel here.  It was strange to formally  join.


I think this new functionality will be great to get to know our colleagues better.

Congratulations for this initiative


Great to see the additional functionality, but curious as to why I now seem to have an additional "username" and different avatar. 

I agree that the requiring a separate username and avatar is a bit weird. I assume that this requirement will disappear once the Groups functionality comes out of the beta phase.

See the introductory blog post.


New Coffe Corner, eh? Ok, I will check it out, seems nice so far!


By the way: The new Coffee Corner loads a lot faster than the old one, so that's pretty cool.


FWIW, will the old CC be closed (in the sense of "read only") or removed? I had interpreted Craig's words as the former, but according to Moshe's comment, it seems to be different:

"+++ Update: this area is now closed and will be removed Nov. 3rd. +++"

Former Member
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Yep, @Former Member, we aren't archiving into a read-only forum.

As I responded to you over here@VolkerBarth, the old Coffee Corner will be removed altogether and all Coffee Corner conversations will now occur in this group. 

While I'll miss my old threads, I am happy to see that this Coffee Corner group has breathed new life into the community conversations. Things had gotten pretty quiet over there, whereas this group has been really active. 


For completeness: As stated there as answer:

I just have to re-ask that: So contributions like the "APAB Gore" will be removed?

Note: I have not contributed there [in that thread] (and not much anyway), but a lot other folks have, and still I feel it's wrong to remove such pages... feels like there's not any value in the communities discussions for SAP.


Well, Halloween is just around the corner:




We all deserve this coffee break.



Hey folks, I'm back reconnecting to the community from a new windows 11 laptop, after the usual side challenges getting more life critical apps set up. Also am getting my partner back on their feet after minor self care. 

Today's special Monday morning coffee is "Whole Bean Organic Peruvian Peaks."