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LIVE: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to SAP Fiori UX and its Technologies – 2hrs full of Tips & Tricks

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SAP Fiori has been on the market for some years now, and there have been many news in the meantime. Do you know all of them, such as SAP Build Code? Do you know when to use what and what will help you best to solve your requirements?

SAP Fiori is the User Experience of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way you work. It equips designers and developers with a set of guidelines, technologies, and tools to create apps for any platform faster than ever – providing a consistent, innovative experience for both creators and users. In this overview session you will get a good understanding of SAP Fiori: The SAP Fiori design system and how it is realized with the related UI technologies and tools, for business users, key users, and developers. The session also covers the main environments of SAP Fiori like SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform. The overview extends to the actual productive usage of SAP Fiori business applications via the SAP Work Zone, extensibility of standard SAP apps and technologies for mobile devices.

This 2h session features many hands-on demos showing first steps in the various tools. You can either just watch or use the provided tutorials for your own hands-on learning. The session material contains many entry points to concrete and up-to-date knowledge on SAP Fiori.

Who Should Attend?

This overview session is for everyone, from executives to software developers. It is an overview of SAP’s user experience technologies, ranging from end user personalization to developer tools, from creating an initial project to productively using an app. This content is especially useful if you have an ABAP background and need an overview understanding of SAP Fiori and entry points into further learnings.

Topics covered

  • SAP’s User Experience Strategy with SAP Fiori
  • SAP Fiori technologies overview
  • The entry point to SAP Fiori apps: SAP Fiori launchpad / SAP Build Work Zone
  • The strategic UI technology for SAP Fiori: SAPUI5
  • An efficient way of developing SAPUI5 apps: SAP Fiori elements
  • SAP’s platform in the cloud: SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • The low-code / no-code platform to build apps: SAP Build Apps
  • The pro-code environment: SAP Build Code
  • The development environment for SAP Fiori and SAP BTP: SAP Business Application Studio
  • Create and run native mobile apps: SAP Mobile Services
  • Extending SAP’s standard apps with custom logic


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Your entry points for hands-on steps:

  1. SAP Fiori user experience: SAP Fiori Design Guidelines (
  2. Digital Experience for SAP Fiori: SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition ( and advanced edition (
  3. The Strategic UI Technology of SAP Fiori: SAPUI5 Tutorials (
  4. Efficiently Developing SAPUI5 apps with SAP Fiori elements: Create a List Report Object Page App with SAP Fiori Tools (
  5. SAP’s Development Environments: SAP Business Application Studio: pro-code ( and Productivity Tools (
  6. Local Development Environments: Set Up SAP Fiori Tools in Your Visual Studio Code ( and Install ABAP Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse (
  7. Low-Code / No-Code development with SAP Build Apps: ( and
  8. Extending / Adapting SAP Standard Apps: SAP Screen Personas ( and SAPUI5 Flexibility (
  9. Mobile entry point: SAP Mobile Experience (

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to SAP Fiori UX and its Technologies – 2hrs full of Tips & Tricks