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New Years resolutions

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Whew!! we made it out of 2022, and here we are in 2023. As a matter of fact, we're finishing the first week of 2023. Man, it seems like everything resets and we're starting again all over. 

Personally, I have a few things I wanted to add to my new years resolutions.

1) I joined an indoor soccer league - It's been a few years since I played in a league and I really enjoy it. I want to be healthier and maybe lose some weight

2) I am starting a series of blogs with Daniel Wroblewski from the devs advocates on SAP Build called BuildBros. I want to learn more about the process automation and visual functions

3) I am regularly meeting other SAP people in Dallas to grow our network and to engage with other locals

4) I am part of a church men's group which meets every saturday morning (6:30 - 9 am local time) if you're one of those early risers and don't have anything better to do, come join me in Prosper at St Martin de Porres Catholic Church lol you can be there at 7am


what are your new years resolutions? want to share them here and maybe we have somethings in common