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SAP Community Log-in Update
In a few months, SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Don’t wait, create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, use the Consolidation Tool to merge your content. Get started with SAP Universal ID now!
The backbone of Devtoberfest remains the educational content sessions. Devtoberfest is still an event designed for asynchronous consumption. While we will release content every day of the month during Devtoberfest, it's all intended that you consume the content on your own schedule.


Devtoberfest 2020 Session ExampleDevtoberfest 2020 Session ExampleOn that subject here is an example from Devtoberfest 2020. The session in question had forty-four live viewers
originally. But over the last two years it's received over eighteen thousand views. We want more of the kind of content that you find valuable during the event but can come back to repeatedly over the coming years.
This year's theme is: Beginners. Whether you are new to the SAP developer eco system or want to expand your knowledge and learn a new topic, there will be something for everyone. We hear you say that as a developer, it can be difficult to break into a new topic area. There's so much content, it's hard to know where to start sometimes. But with Devtoberfest, we have collected content specifically designed to help people get started.


This year we have changed the structure of the content slightly.  We heard that you wanted shorter sessions and more flexibility to spread the learning out. We have five major topics this year but instead of focusing a single week on a specific topic, we will do a topic per day and then repeat that structure week after week. So, if you are an ABAP developer, for example, you can return to Devtoberfest every Monday in October and find content for you.
The topics we plan are:
Monday: 🟢 ABAP
Tuesday: 🟣 User Interface
Wednesday: 🔵 Data and Analytics
Thursday: 🔴 Low and No Code Tooling
Friday: 🟠 Cloud Native Development

Devtoberfest 2022 CalendarDevtoberfest 2022 Calendar

As you can see from this calendar view, we will repeat that same structure with new content for each topic in each week of Devtoberfest.
All the session content is listed directly in the special Community Events Devtoberfest area. You can see all the sessions in the calendar or list view and drill in and see the content details.  As we get closer to October, we will technical connection details such as URLs for joining the sessions or watching the recordings.  But even now you can already get an overview of dates and times for all the great educational content to come.