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🔴 Control the Entire App Development Lifecycle with SAP Business Application Studio

Published on ‎08-23-2022 12:09 PM by Employee | Updated on ‎09-12-2022 4:22 AM

Use SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery extension for SAP Business Application Studio to enable continuous integration and delivery on your project by creating build job for your project, monitoring build status and quick access to build logs in SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service.

With Liat Borenshtein


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Thu, Oct 6, 2022 1:00 AM PDT
Thu, Oct 6, 2022 2:00 AM PDT
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You said that on BAS, the CI/CD options are available only for low-code/no-code dev spaces, right? and you plan to make it available also for CAP and Fiori dev spaces in the future... but is it possible to configure pipelines for CAP and Fiori directly on CI/CD Service?


Hello @VitorBrevilieri ,

Yes, this is possible, here a screenshot on the job creation of SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service:


Here also a tutorial for SAP Fiori: Get Started with an SAP Fiori Project in SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery | Tutorials for SAP... 

And the description of the supported pipeline templates in SAP Help Portal: Supported Pipelines | SAP Help Portal

Best regards,

Thank you, @BorisZarske

So can I say that BTP CF CI/CD service is an option of easy starting with CI/CD pipelines that serve to many types of projects, both on-premise or cloud? 

Second question: Is BTP CF CI/CD service mandatory or we can go on with the alternative of jenkins pipelines built with the help of project piper?

Always welcome, happy to support!

Yes, SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery does offer this very low entry barrier, where you end up with running pipelines for SAP-specific use cases rather in minutes than days/weeks, without own CI/CD infrastructure. As you can see above, the colleagues are working hard to enable more and more of these use cases and they span different environments (Neo, Cloud Foundry, on-premise ABAP front-end servers, ...). It is also envisioned to add some additional degrees of freedom in the long run, but with clear focus on simplicity - so that it remains easy for DevOps teams to own the pipeline, without much overload. This service is a complementing option, it is not mandatory - we try to provide very good arguments for it and also see several large customers moving into this direction, but then based on actual value they see in moving there.

In parallel, we still have project 'Piper' (with the pipeline templates, step library, examples, containerized tools), which you can use to build and run own pipelines on own/third-party CI infrastructure - in case you need that additional flexibility and bring corresponding expertise/infrastructure or are willing to build it up.

Hope this helps to understand the situation - if not, please feel free to reach out, I can also involve our CI/CD experts and ask them for a quick call, if this should be helpful.

Best regards,

Thank you, @BorisZarske , it´s very clear for me. We are going to discuss internally with the team to choose the option that best fits to us.