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πŸ”΅ Enhancing Analytic Application functionality with simple scripting

Published on β€Ž09-02-2022 10:11 AM by Employee | Updated on β€Ž10-10-2022 2:10 PM

In this session Principal Analytics & Insight consultant James Barlow will show you how the UI & UX of Analytic Applications can be enhanced using native SAP Analytics Cloud scripting to create more complex effects & functionality within a dashboard.

You will also take a look at how processing scripts via a chain of events & logic can help you creating seemingly complex interactions within an Application.

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Wed, Oct 12, 2022 8:00 AM PDT
Wed, Oct 12, 2022 8:30 AM PDT

If you participate in the Devtoberfest contest, then please answer this question after watching the session:


First off, great session James. There were some insightful examples you provided over the course of the hour. I wanted to provide another useful tool for debugging Analytic Applications as it was mentioned a few times in your session. Similar to the console log, Chrome provides a Sources tab in the Developer Options panel. From here you can add breakpoints to your Javascript code and step through as you would most other IDEs. Note that scripts won't appear until they are used once, for example a button click event won't appear in sources until it is clicked for the first time. However, as long as you don't close the browser tab, breakpoints will be saved when the page is refreshed. I have attached a screenshot of what the user experience should look like.




Thanks Sean

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hello Team,

'Create a Development Project in SAP Business Application Studio' Tutorial I unable create a project due to cloud foundry endpoint sso works but ORG & SPACE not showing 😞



Hi @Sathees_Kumar_P. Please see a possible answer here:

In the future, please report issues using a "Feedback" link on the tutorial:


Best regards,



Thanks Vitaliy, it helps me to come out from issue. πŸ™‚

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Stellar 2

Great session James!  Thanks for spending the time to show us these insights πŸ˜€