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🟒 Get Your Eclipse ADT installed

Published on β€Ž08-30-2022 4:32 AM by Employee | Updated on β€Ž09-13-2022 12:46 PM

Are you getting started with ABAP or looking to get your Eclipse ADT installed? Join this hands-on session to get you started on your ABAP journey 😊

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Mon, Oct 3, 2022 7:00 AM PDT
Mon, Oct 3, 2022 8:00 AM PDT
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Galactic 1


I have been working with Eclipse and I have faced some issues:

  • The tab CDS Navigation is not working. It shows: CDS navigator is not available. I have reinstalled Eclipse 3 times already and it's always the same issue
  • While working on ATC issues, sometimes when I try to use  the Quick fix for multiple entries I get an error message that some programs can't be acessed. Is that normal?

I'm not sure if here is the right place to ask questions..



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Stellar 2

How do I join this session? Thx


Hi @JohanBruwer 


It's already running now in the same Link you kept the chat 
YouTube Live Session 
If You have questions use the same chat platform 

Thank You,

Suggu Sandeep.

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Stellar 2

I’m facing issue with installing eclipse in mac m1. Can you pls help me with any blog or document???

For installation questions and troubleshooting, you'd really be better off posting your question in the SAP Community Q&A. -- But see this blog post from Antonio. 
Setting up my Mac for SAP Development | SAP Blogs
 If you have an M1 Mac, make sure to install the x86_64 version and not the AArch64 version, as the ABAP Development Tools (ADT) doesn’t support this architecture yet.

Hopefully that helps

Yes. I got installed with x86. I’m facing issue becoz eclipse comes with bundled java, which is not supported by ADT. IDK how to resolve it. Even our basis and IT guys were not able to figure it out.

You want to remove the bundled Java - that is described in this service note 3035242 - Remove bundled JRE from Eclipse packages - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi. My trial account had expired and when I tried creating a new one, I keep getting this following error message when trying to start the booster:




I created the service instance, space and service key manually and I'm able to connect to it from ADT. However, it says I'm not authorized to create an "ABAP Program". Is this an expected restriction or have I missed something?


In the BTP version of ABAP there is no SAPGUI support so no you can't create ABAP Programs. That is normal. 

Hi, how do you create the service instance, space and service key manually? I have the same error but when I try to create the service I keep getting this error.










any help please?

Not exactly sure of the steps you followed, but it was pretty straightforward when I tried. 

After getting the error message that I have posted above i.e. after trying to start the "Booster", I performed the following steps

  1. Create subaccount named "trial" (Chose US East. Not sure if it makes a difference if you choose any other region and not sure if the name matters)
  2. Created a Cloud Foundry environment with OrgName as GlobalAccount1. Again not sure if the name matters.
  3. Created a space named "dev" (again not sure if name matters)
  4. Created an instance named "abap-trial"
  5. Created a service key by entering my email ID in the JSON template that it shows and hitting next a couple of times.




When creating it manually, change the "email" in json format. Use a new email, which worked for me. 

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Galactic 3

Dear all, 

enclosed is a recommendation from my side.
I did the setup of Eclipse based on this blog post:

Advantage is that you don't have to take any of the mentioned "bundles" from the Eclipse site, but rather install pure Eclipse without unnecessary plugins and just ADT (and if needed further relevant plugins).
Positive effect is that Eclipse starts more than twice as fast and works overall more performant.

Kind regards

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Galactic 1


I have eclipse installed and I'm working on ATC and when I try to apply Quick fixes I get this message


What does that means? How can I fix it?



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Galactic 2

I get an error while I am trying to submit or check the answers adt_error.png


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Stellar 2

In the step "Install Software" to install ABAL Development Tools from , I got a security error from my job. Is there another way to download ABAP development tools and than install it on Eclipse?

Thank you for you help!




If your company uses a proxy to control/block internet access you might well have to configure those proxy settings in Eclipse as well.