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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

๐ŸŸ  Mastering the UI5 Ecosystem for Modern and Advanced OpenUI5/SAPUI5 Development

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The development of OpenUI5/SAPUI5 application and libraries have never been easier. By mastering the Easy UI5 generators, you can quickly start your journey developing UI5 applications and libraries with or without TypeScript, by using the UI5 Tooling you boost your turnaround cycles, by knowing the tooling extensions available in the UI5 ecosystem, you can even benefit from a lot of different tasks and middlewares improving your development experience, simplifying code transpilation, using any npm package seamlessly, or integrating natively into other technologies such as the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. The borders between the technologies are melting and OpenUI5/SAPUI5 development feels modern like never before.

Join me, to learn about the latest innovations and possibilities in and around OpenUI5/SAPUI5, its development experience, its tooling, and its ecosystemโ€ฆ

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