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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

🟣 Will No-Code Work for My Use Case? Run the “Use Case Evaluator”

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When getting started with low-code development, there will be lots of ideas for use cases that could be developed. How can you know which use cases are more appropriate for citizen developers to build independently, and which of them will require more technical work and fusion team collaboration?

To evaluate and manage the potential SAP Build use case projects in your organization, you can build a simple solution using SAP Build. Join this session and learn to use low-code to create the SAP Build Use Case Evaluator, a tool that enables citizen developers to:

  1. Use an app to analyze their use case idea to determine its complexity level
  2. Use an automated process to submit it to IT for review and confirmation of fusion development requirements
  3. Display it in a use case repository that is hosted on a digital center of excellence business site for your organization.

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