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Blog Articles

Enterprise Architecture in the era of Agile…

In the last decade, IT transformation projects have evolved from the IT Landscape Modernizations & Business Process Automations; through “never-ending” Digital Transformations, reaching finally new “b...


Business as Unusual with SAP - EA Perspective

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on, Business as Unusual with SAP, on how eight megatrends will shape the world and impact businesses across various industries.  These trends are critical for EAs ...


SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework

The need for a common and aligned frameworkOver the course of time, we have seen as Enterprise Architects in SAP Business Transformation Services, both SAP internal as well in the interaction with cus...


SAP Enterprise Architecture Training

Ready for the next maturity level of your Enterprise Architecture practice?This training is a unique investment in people skills as it combines: a proven methodology with a real-world case study for a...


Enable a New Vision for Strategy Execution

 “Picture this. You are building the home of your dreams. You can already see and feel yourself inside it, the years flashing through your mind filled with family gatherings, quiet moments, and just l...


SAP Reference Architecture Content: An Overview

Disclaimer: Information provided in this blog serves only as a general overview and does not replace any legal agreements between SAP and its contractual parties. As this blog may not be updated regul...


Enterprise Architecture for Sustainable Enterprise

Sustainability is one topic which is gaining momentum across all industries and every CxO is talking about it. There are different dimensions to this most relevant topic of today and future but if you...


Canonical Models and your Data & Analytics Strategy

If your data and analytics strategy is based on standing up an enterprise-wide repository and semantic layer, you may be considering defining a canonical model for your enterprise. Although a definiti...