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Tools for Capturing EA Artefacts


There are many tools out there for SAP EA's to capture content and artefacts from a business and technical perspective. Content includes process flows, data models, infrastructure diagrams, what ever is needed to tell the Enterprise Architecture story. One of the latest tools that is gaining traction in the SAP EA space is LeanIX. This is not an advertisement for the product but more to build awareness that you can combine business process capture with the SAP Signavio tool with the technical content in the LeanIX  tool. 

I am interested in people's perspective on the recent SAP Signavio and LeanIX  announcement  - SAP Signavio and LeanIX Bring Process Excellence and Enterprise Architecture Closer Together

In my experience, in the EA tool space, there is no one tool that has significant market share over the others.  There are commonalities in the information that they capture and the outputs they produce.

What tool have you found to be most useful when it comes to creating EA outputs for your organization? This is a broad question that I hope generates some discussion to help each other out. 


Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hello @MartinMysyk 

This is Prabhith from SAP CoE Team, Ireland. This is a very interesting and relevant discussion topic.
Am working on a large digital transformation project for UK based customer and am part of the Enterprise Architecture team in that project.

They have just started the LeanIX journey and I can see that they are already a Big Fan of this EA tool.
With my minimal experience in the tool so far, I can see that its a very powerful tool.

BR, Prabhith

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It would be good to know why SAP customers are big fans of LeanIX. What features are they finding most useful? Enquiring minds want to know. 😀

Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada

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Hi @Prabhith - I agree with Martin, would be good to know!

Btw which Ireland location are you based in? I'm in Galway. We've just launched a Galway Group this week.

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