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Enterprise Architecture and Sustainability


There are many aspects of Enterprise Architecture as it applies to Sustainability. As EA's we have the opportunity to influence solution architecture and provide solutions that are more sustainable than ever before.

What role do you think EA's play in sustainability? What are you working on in this space? Are you aware of the SAP solutions in this space?

I recently wrote an article on EA's and environmental sustainability here. This article covered the main pillars of enterprise architecture and the decisions we need to make as EA's.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any aspect of architecting sustainable solutions.



Good job 🙂 


The other, often ignored, aspect of sustainability, is that with all digitization, paper is still used way too often. The reasons we at Pillir hear vary but some commonly repeating themes are use cases in which the business process or parts of it are done offline (oil rigs, drivers, remote logistics or even manufacturing locations, new construction, etc), legacy solutions that require data input in specific workstations combined with lack of mobility (and licenses) and sometimes compliance and regulation. Striving for a paperless organization is an important sustainability goal that I believe is very reachable for most organizations

Has it actually been scientifically established (for all the benefits of digital processes) that a digital process is more sustainable than a paper-based process in terms of carbon footprint? Presumably, it depends very much on the form of energy used to power and manufacture data centers, backup systems, etc.


You are so right that you have to look at things holistically, which is an EA skill, to make sure all aspects of sustainability are covered. 


Hi Martin

Could we follow some kind of guide in order to report/visualize the progress of this Sustainability path? 

Kind regards


That is a great suggestion. I think that might be a little longer conversation so I will look at posting in the blogs section and link back to here. I am working on that right now and should be out in the next week.

Many thanks Martin. I will follow your work in this area.