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Welcome to the SAP Enterprise Architecture Community Group!


The SAP Enterprise Architecture community has needed a place to collaborate, discuss, share and learn together for a long time. We finally have it! We hope you find the value for your time to engage and participate, - This community group is driven by YOU. 

A few things to know about to participate in the site:

  1. Anyone can read the group content, but you need to join the group to contribute and participate, Don't worry, everything you need to know is under the Getting Started area of the Help link up above on the right.
  2. Follow the SAP Community Rules of Engagement for posting. Remember: Moderators are watching. 😉
  3. Label your discussion posts to help with organization and searchability. You have to use at least one pre-defined label, but you can create your own Message Tags.
  4. Longer form content, where it might take a little more space to explain or share, might fit better in the Blog Post section of the site. 
  5. This site will evolve over time, and this is one of the first few SAP Community Groups, so be open to change as we evolve both the site features and content. 

That's it! All the basics you need to know to join and participate. 




hi Martin,

great to see this group is live.  Best regards, Maciej

Thanks! We are just ramping up for lots of great content so come back often!


Happy to be part of this community. Looking forward to see the lively community!



Thanks Jeeva, We are looking for everyone to participate as well. Don't be shy. 🙂


As a non-solution architect I look forward to participating and learning from members of this Group. If anyone can share what a 'day in the life of a solution architect is' I would love to hear everyone's stories. Thank you!

Hi Stephanie, this is the type a dialog we are looking to generate and build the awareness of what architects do. Hopefully others in the community respond to you question as well. I can also publish what a typical job description looks like that shows some of those activities.

Hi Stephanie, this is a "Enterprise Architecture Community Group" so we should focus on EA, but it may be interesting to have someone provide definitions, i.e. what is the difference between Solution Architecture and Enterprise Architecture...