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Have you already heard of SAP Universal ID? Merging accounts?


As part of SAP Community's 20th anniversary, we have rolled out account merging. If you have more than one SAP Community profile then be sure to familiarize yourself with the new process - if you haven't done so already.
With the new process, you can now merge the content associated with your community accounts (S/P) into a single account. To start the process you can access it through your SAP Universal ID.
Be sure to read @craigcmehil's full blog post: Happy Anniversary, SAP Community! Let’s Merge Those Accounts!

Any questions or comments?

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Galactic 5
Galactic 5

I just got mine consolidated - it was a way easier process than it seemed. Of course, I was scared to lose my content so I definitely consolidated my accounts in to the Universal ID !  🙂 

That's great to hear! I can understand, you've a wealth of content you wouldn't want to lose - great that you found consolidating your accounts an easy enough process. Hope others do too! Thanks for sharing.

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