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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

What are your plans for the long Easter weekend?

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Most people working in the technology sector will be off work at the very least on Monday. Whether you celebrate Easter or not is another story. Do you? Or do you celebrate something different?

For Irish children these days it's mostly about counting how many Easter eggs they got from their parents or aunts and uncles! The local shops have been full of Easter eggs for weeks but they are getting snapped up fairly quickly now. I must admit I've squirrelled away a few for the smaller members of our extended family! 

Easter Sunday is generally family time - in our house anyway. We'll enjoy a nice roast dinner together.

What will you do for the extra day off on Monday? Eat chocolate?! I think the weather will be mild so I plan to use the time for a hike or ramble - and take in some stunning scenery while I'm at it. Let me know what you plan to do with your time!

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