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Where are you from Gurgaon/NCR members? Let's know each other better and share our interests :-)


Hello Gurgaon/NCR Group members!

We have initiated this discussion to get to know each other a little better.

Feel free to share with the community:

Where are you from Gurgaon, the NCR, or surrounding regions? What brought you to this local group? Do you have ideas for this group going forward? What topics would you expect to find in this group? Would you like to join future Gurgaon/NCR community events?

Starting with me, I am based out of Delhi, with my work office based in Gurgaon. I am more into marketing and events and love supporting the Gurgaon/NCR community in growing the group, understanding the group expectations, and organizing in-person meetups and events. 

How about you? Eager to hear!


Spread the word 🙂 and make the community grow.