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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!
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What are the most pressing challenges facing organizations in 2023, and how can HR technology help solve them? Each year, the applied psychologists on the SAP SuccessFactors Growth & Insights team aggregate and synthesize data from a wide range of reputable business press resources that put forward HR trends and predictions and conduct a content analysis to derive key themes, or “meta-trends,” common among them. This year, the analysis involved 73 reputable business press resources from which we derived a list of seven broad meta-trends – all of which are shaped by – and in turn reshape – the Employee Experience (EX). This year’s trends include: 

  • Hiring for Skills to Win the Race for Talent: Employees will maintain the upper hand in the job market this year as a shift towards skills-based hiring is on the rise 
  • Developing the Workforce for the Future: Developing unique, individualized career plans for employees – including experiential learning and coaching – will demonstrate to employees their value to and future with the organization. 
  • Adopting Emerging Technologies with Purpose including tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Metaverse/Web3.0, and blockchain.  
  • Making Flexible Work, Work: An official shift in attention in this year’s trends from where work is happening to how it is taking place. 
  • Championing Holistic Well-being for All: Employees are experiencing significant burnout, so organizations must continue to support and prioritize employees’ holistic well-being – including their mental, physical, emotional, and financial health. 
  • Including More People and Practices in DEI&B: Organizations in 2023 are expected to take a “lifecycle approach” to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by embedding its principles across all people-related practices. 
  • Empowering People Leaders for Today and Tomorrow: Focusing on managerial readiness for potential people managers will be crucial for organizations to build a robust management pipeline – and leading organizations will build these skills across their entire workforce. 

For more, check out our full research paper.