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2H 2023 Learning Release - will custom tiles be supported on new learning home experience?

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

What is the official position from SAP regarding custom tiles on the new learning home page experience? What will be best practices if we want to publish promo, important news flash communication (incl. process updates) or advertise other learning opportunities which are not in the catalog? Will the new learning experience still be enhanced to accommodate custom tiles / cards, or do we need to move this to the BizX/HXM Homepage?

Custom tile development was still promoted in a recent webinar session of “SAP SuccessFactors VIP Virtual Event - Learning and Development for a Future Capable Workforce: Part 1: Learner Experience within SAP SuccessFactors LMS”, scheduled on 02.03.2023, together with a short “new learning experience” demo. We even implemented the “Explore SAP” tile in our Dev environment for testing purposes, which we really liked, because the tile allows to display multiple rotating images & hyperlinks. However, this custom tile is no longer displayed in the new learning experience.

Why was it still communicated & demonstrated to us, especially together with a short “new learning experience” demo, if it will no longer work in the new learning experience?

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Answers (1)

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Hi @emanuelvynck ,

Custom tiles are part of our roadmap and we do understand and acknowledge that custom tiles and pages are widely used by a lot of customers. It is already on the radar and in early stages of design currently. We have been studying the feedback that has been shared with us so far including yours. All such use cases like announcements, news and advertising learning opportunities (and more) are being considered while we are having early conversations related to new learning specific custom tiles related capabilities in near future.

The full fledged new Learning experience is going to be made available in phases. With this 2H 2023 release, we aimed to cater the most fundamental features and functionalities based on overall customer feedback. Further capabilities will be delivered with future releases, as detailed in the roadmap. Customers can still choose to opt out of the new experience for now, or toggle back to legacy experience to access their familiar features.