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3295304 - Events MGR2IC and IC2MGR not created in Intelligent Services Centre

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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I’m evaluating moving from flat file Integration to event-based integration and the first thing I’ve noticed is that events are not triggered when a deletion of job event take place:

ex: aaaa alex anderson is hired with manager bbbb john brown on oct 1rst. Events are correctly triggered. IC2MGR is generated for bbbb

On oct 15th a change happens, new manager for alex is cccc Mary Smith. Again ic2MGR is generated for MaRY. And MGR2IC event is generated for john.

HR is notified that mary finally doesn’t join the company : the Event in job history on oct 15th is deleted. No event is generated despite john brown becoming manager again.

is these case worked thru by engineering in

or does these mean we need to remove delete records permission if we want to move to event-based Architecture ?

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