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Compensation Eligibility Rules - Apply Rules have new options not mentioned in Release notes

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Dear SAP,

we've noticed that there is an update on our Preview after the release 2H2023, which we have not found noted anywhere in the release notes and What's New Viewer.

When you go under Compensation Plan setup and - Eligibility and click to apply Eligibility rules, then there is a selection:

Exclude the following employees from the eligibility rule application.
 Inactive   External


This new selection appears also in "Update All Worksheets" now:



On production this selection is not there:


Please provide us more details about this feature.

Thank you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hi @AntonM 

Yes it is in the release notes in the third row of this link.

I also added it to my blog on the 2H 2023 release here in number #3 in the text at the bottom.

What this new feature does is that it allows organizations that don't allow inactive or external users to be part of a process (as per their eligibility rules) to skip these users from being part of the scope on which the eligibility rules apply.

Before this release when we applied eligibility rules, even if we didn't select "Include inactive users" in Plan Setup> Define planners, the rules always ran on the entire UDF (active and inactive users and all types of users including external).

This was a problem for customers in some industries (catering, retail) with many external users and lots of turnover every year because the Apply eligibility jobs and Mass Update jobs with update eligibility checked took unnecessary long time to run.

The reason you don't see it in Production is because the 2H 2023 will only roll out to Prod environments on November 27, 2023.

All the best,



Galactic 2
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Hi Xavier,

thank you for your update.

I was searching the the What's New Viewer for some key words about the eligibility, but I've got no results as it was hidden under the "Enhanced Compensation and Variable Pay Jobs" section.

Now the new feature is clear to us.

Thanks and Regards,