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How do other organizations handle recruiting for mass positions when you can only have one open req?

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We have mass positions (meaning positions with many employees in them like Customer Support Agents). We would like to go know how other companies handle creating job requisitions on their mass positions and calculating their time to fill. Our issue is that when we are recruiting for a mass position, for example a single temporary position and the process is going along then an employee resigns and now there is a need to also recruit for a permanent position, but we cannot open a second job requisition due to the 1-1 relationship so we use the requisition that is already open, but the data will not be correct for the 2nd position. The time to fill for the temporary position will be correct, but not for the permanent position.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi @dmcgillivray . We have a position object that allows recruiters to add multiple positions on the job requisition template. The position can be selected at the offer step to allow the mapping from job requisition to the new hire.

The only issue is that the position object is still not searchable, but there is an improvement coming in the next release.

Improvement request:

I am not sure how this will impact your time to fill metrics, as we are not there yet. 🙂

Hope it helps.

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We kind of "go rogue". 😉

Here is the set up:

  • Position-to-Requisition req templates have both Position Object and Position Number, with write access for Recruiters on the Object (this is important).
  • Evergreen req templates only have Position Number. This is editable, and defaults to "Evergreen". (helps with reporting)

Now for the process...

  1. Recruiter creates Evergreen req. 
  2. HM creates req from the Position, indicating number of openings.
  3. When recruiter receives this req, they:
    1. Remove the connection on the Position Object (uncheck and set to "All / Any")
    2. Set Openings to 1
    3. Copy req until they have the number of reqs equal to the requested openings
    4. Set all reqs as child reqs to EG req in step 1
    5. Only the first req will show on the Position, but our HM's don't really use that anyway.

Hope that is even a little helpful! Please let me know if you have other questions, or if you'd like to connect on a call to discuss.